A Timeless Romance Anthology

I found myself completely engrossed in Annette Lyon’s Collection of romance novellas. The stories are short, but are written beautifully. The characters all come alive and stand strong, and the romance each character thrives for makes you want to keep reading. Sometimes when you are reading a short story it’s hard to get a good sense of the characters and their story, but Annette does a great job of bringing them to light. I loved Cassie’s story, it’s a simple reminder that love doesn’t have to be all about fireworks and romance, it is about realizing that it’s the little things in a relationship that matter. Natalie’s story is about finding forgiveness and being able to open back up to the man she has always loved. Dani followed her dreams to the New York, only to find that her dreams may not come true.  Dani is ready to pack up and leave, but a day with a stranger teaches her to give her dreams more time. Expecting a diamond ring Anna is taken off guard when her boyfriend breaks up with her instead. It takes a far off land and a raging war for them to find happiness with each other. Plain Jane finds herself falling in love with her pen pal from Canada, only to find out that her pen pal is much closer than she could ever imagine. In the last story Claire learns to love the man that as a boy would torment her ruthlessly, as little boys do. I loved Annette’s writing; the stories are clean and sweet.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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