Not Without You (Silver Creek Book 1)

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Not Without You

It takes me a little longer to come up with a decent review after I read a book that irritates me the whole time I’m reading it. It makes me sad when I find an author that writes really well, knows how to keep the reader engaged with a great plot and strong characters, only to ruin it by pushing her beliefs or her lifestyle through a character. I spent so much time being annoyed with Lisa and her strong “tree-hugging” ways that I seriously wanted to put the book. Fortunately, McIntyre “Walsh” was a strong enough character that he seemed to make up for Lisa. I usually do a summary than give a review of the book, but I’m just too annoyed to do that. Lisa, a grad student out to save the boreal toads, is being chased by a murderer while she has been injured in a fall and all she can ever think about is not leaving a “human footprint” behind on the land, heaven forbid she uses a few live branches to create a bed in her shelter, and oh my goodness she better not eat meat even if her body really needs it, oops there’s a bear that might eat them, but we can’t shoot it because it’s nature, and while we’re at it don’t shoot the murderous creep chasing us because that’s so bad. Seriously? I’m sorry, but this book was ridiculous. I probably won’t find myself reaching for another book by this author because when I pick up a book, I want to enjoy it not feel like I’m being preached to. If I want to be preached to I’ll pick up my bible.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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