Marrying Christopher (A Hearthfire Romance Book 3)

Marrying Christopher

Saving Grace, Loving Helen, and Marrying Christopher has become one of my favorite series. A historical fiction with historical facts makes for a great story. I will say Christopher’s and Marsali’s story was my favorite of the three! Christopher and Marsali are both on a steamship headed to America, both with a different past but the same desire, to begin a new life on the new land. Marsali was escaping an evil Aunt and Uncle and Christopher leaving behind his sisters and their new husband’s to work the land and earn a place for himself. Marsali would be reaching America and starting a life as an indentured servant, not the best circumstance but anything would be far better than her abusive Aunt. While aboard the steamship Marsali and Christopher begin to have feelings for each other and, but a catastrophe may sabotage their relationship. The suspense in this story kept my reading late into the night, my poor husband kept getting out of bed looking for me. I loved the characters and the plot that Michele Paige Holmes has created. I was completely hooked from page one. I suggest anyone that loves a good clean romance read this series.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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