Wishing for You (I Wish Book 2)

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Wishing for You

Kimberley fought and beat cancer when she was a child, but as a teenager she struggles with the side effect of the chemo and the cancer; she has short term memory loss. Every day she is constantly recording conversations, marking notes in her iPad, and relies heavily on her mother. She is 18 and in her senior year in high school and the thought of going to any college scares her; she isn’t ready to face the world of the unknown. Kimberley is content to just take one day at a time and hang out with her best friends Lacey and Sean. Lacey had other plans for her, Lacey gives Kimberley the gift of having a genie, and it’s no ordinary genie, its Lacey’s ex-genie and ex-boyfriend, Grant.

With Grant helping her Kimberley is finding that she can find freedom and be independent. Kimberley is a very special young woman and finds that she is most happy when she’s able to help others, even to the point of giving her wishes away. When Kimberley learns horrible news about one of her best friends, she finds that she may have more strength and abilities than she ever gave herself credit for.

Wishing for you is a beautiful story about a young woman learning to have faith in herself and learning to rise above her disabilities. With the help of a caring genie and patient friends, Kimberley matures into a woman ready to take on the world. Grant’s story also begins to take its own direction and makes the reader hope that there may be something in store for him and Camarin, Sean’s special friend. The writing is smooth and just flows. It’s so easy to read and follow the story line. Sometimes as a mother of four it is hard for me to stay focused, especially if the book is not written as well, I never once had a problem putting the book down and starting right back up without a hitch. I loved the characters and liked how the book transitioned smoothly from I Wish to Wishing for You. It is the second book in the series and you could read it alone; however it gives a better insight into the characters if you were to read the first book first.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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