Pandora (Goddesses & Geeks Book 1)

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Blake Wells is not your typical politician, he’s a good man that stands by his word and wants nothing more than to help the people and protect his country. He hasn’t let the people on Capitol Hill corrupt him, he’s a congressional representative that has continued to work hard and stay honest. Elections are coming up again and he’s doing his best to attend the meet and greets, makes speeches, and he attends political parties. Unfortunately, he’s trying to attend those parties with a so-called “date” on his arm, and he’s fed up with the phony women oozing high-pitched falseness out of their condescending mouths. Like leaches, they attach themselves to his arms and spit venom at any approaching woman, indicating that they are staking claim on him. Congressman Wells keeps his head down and works hard, and it takes exceptionally well-trained and hardworking staff to keep up with him as well as help him to lift his head up and take a well-deserved breath. Georgia Dawson, his Chief of Staff, means to do just that, she is sending Blake on a mini-vacation to get a life and take his head away from the game for a few days.

Their plans involve the sunny and sandy beaches of Nassau. Rider, another staff member can’t be more scared for Blake’s life with this proposal. Rider is a sweet kid that has hair-brained ideas about conspiracy theories, aliens, and ghosts. There isn’t a worse place for Blake to travel to, than a vacation spot smack dab in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Shaking off the crazy kids rants, Blake takes off for a working vacation. As soon as the plane lands, he leaves behind his phone and sets up camp on the beach ready to enjoy the peace and quiet while lounging in the sun’s rays. That’s when a vision meets his eye, Cressida Anesidora Ianthe Olympia Demetria Admeta Hephastidus, aka Cressida. When Cressida walks in, Blake’s luck walks out.

This begins the story of Cressida and Blake. I was completely spell bound by this book. The words and dialogue flowed smoothly. The romance between Cressida and Blake came quickly, but the real substance of their story came with the series of events that took Blake’s charmed life to a life surrounded in bad luck, which directly affected his campaign and his chances at reelection. You didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for him, but he had such strong character that he never let it affect him. He took one bad thing after another and turned it around to make it seem like a minuscule bump in the road. I turned the pages as quickly as I could read them. Pandora is brimming with all the makings of a great book: humor, romance, intrigue, kidnapping, and courage. I will definitely be reading the other books in this series.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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