Getting Kole for Christmas

What should be an exciting time in the Bronson home is anything but for one Bronson.  Kylie is starting to feel like the odd one out when all her sisters are getting the cutest invites to the Christmas dance.  Hiding under the ruse of indifference, Kylie tries to hide the pain of the rejection she continues to feel every time the doorbell rings and another sister goes squealing to the door to find their invite hiding in a clever disguise.  It probably wouldn’t hurt as much if she wasn’t in love with a certain boy, a boy who she wanted to take her to the dance.  There only seemed to be one big problem with being in love with him: Kole Kingston is her best friend and completely clueless of her feelings.  How do you get from being a best friend to being your boyfriend without losing the relationship you have?  Kylie doesn’t know how to answer that question and because of that, she’s unwilling to make the jump.

Getting Kole for Christmas is a very cute and clean romantic story of a young woman and her very handsome, very sweet, and absolutely perfect best friend.  I love reading Kylie’s journey into no man’s land between that scary line going from friendship to love.  Kimberly Krey does an amazing job at writing a smooth entertaining story.  She did such a great job with writing that I felt the years melt away and felt like I was a young woman again, fighting the feelings of a crush that may never develop into anything else.  Her writing is amazing and you can feel Kylie’s pain as time goes on and the dance gets closer, and you can’t help but to get a huge smile on your face when she finally gets her long awaited Christmas wish.

I’ve loved all of Kimberly’s books that I have read; I have just ordered another one in the mail.  I am so happy to say I’m glad I stumbled across my now favorite author.  And will keep all her books in my personal library.

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Rating: Review


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