Scarred Hearts

Nathan Longley is a gunfighter, and he is used to being on his own and answering to no one. He has been hired to track down the Bowler Gang, who murdered and raped a bank owner’s daughter, when things go bad and Nathan ends up taking a chest full of bullets. Claire is used to taking in strays and fixing them, so when Nathan Longley stumbles onto her property full of bullet holes and half dead, Claire does what she does best and fixes more than just Nathan’s wounds. Claire has taken in an orphaned baby boy, an orphaned fox, and an orphaned bear cub and now she can add a cynical hardened man to her growing list of people that need her love and care. She is a tough woman and survived a horrible accident leaving her scarred and often publicly ridiculed. This doesn’t stop her from caring for everyone around her even if it means that she could be hurt protecting those that need her. When Nathan wakes up in Claire’s home, and hears her singing he had no idea that he life was about to change and he’s about to find that there is love in his heart and he will find that he will do anything to protect the new family that has wedged their way into his life.

I was introduced to the Sand Hill Romance series when I read the second book, which could be read alone, but realized that I really wanted to hear Claire’s story. Billi Tiner is amazing at writing a beautiful romance. The men of Sand Hill are the men of many women’s dreams. They know how to take care and protect their women. In my mind, they are some of the most swoon worthy gentleman. I can’t wait to read Wounded Hearts, the 3rd book.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
*Contains Sexual Content*

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