Independent, stubborn and hardworking are the words that come to mind when you start describing Storm. She’s going to need all those characteristics if she’s going to keep her ranch and not lose it to the bank. Already behind on last year’s payments, Storm is going to have to beg the bank for an extension after she’s fallen victim to the cattle rustling that has been affecting all the ranchers around her. When things couldn’t seem to get any worse, she’s given the news that her ranch hand has been died in a car accident, but new evidence shows that it may not have not been an accident at all. Without a choice but to bite back pride, she must turn to her neighbor Dak-who also suffers from the same characteristics that Storm does. Dak must get past his judgmental tendencies and reach out to the woman who might just find him happiness again.

The author did a great job writing and describing the country side and the beautiful art that Storm created. However, I was a little hung up on how stubborn Storm was and how judgmental Dak was towards Storm. It really made me mad how far wrong Dak was and how he thought it was necessary to tattle tale. Storm was so stubborn that she really kept getting the wrong ideas and turning everything against those trying to help her. The two were so aggravating that I just want to yell at them to get over it and move on. That being my only dislike of the book, it was an easy read and was entertaining.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: ReviewReviewReviewReview


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