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A Friend Indeed
It’s no secret that the family is in dire need of money, and as the only girl in the family, Caroline knows it is her duty to be “auctioned off” to the highest bidder. She is somewhat mollified by the knowledge that she is saved from being sold to an old man that will be unkind to her when she learns she is to be married to her childhood friend, George. However, being betrothed to the family friend comes with its own set of troubles and it’s up to George to help her find peace and happiness with their agreement.

A Happy Beginning
Sophia’s family has fallen on hard times and she is forced to take a position as a governess in Scotland. This beautiful sophisticated Englishwoman struggles daily with the upbringing of two spoiled demanding children while trying to stay safely hidden away from the leering eyes of the children’s father. Her only reprieve comes from visiting the very quiet and stern stable master, Dermot. With a new friendship forming Sophia finds herself looking forward to her visits to the stables and the small talks she shares with Dermot. Those small talks and visits are quickly put to an end and Sophia’s safety is threatened. It’s up to Dermot to protect the woman who is slowly finding a place in his heart.

Road to Cavan Town
Bound and determined to win the heart of the most beautiful woman in town, Miss Kilchrest, Isaac makes the long trek every week to fight the other men for her attention. However, that trek is made quite fun by his dear friend Alice, who makes that same trek every week to help with her grandparents. Blinded by his goals and ambitions to eventually marry Miss Kilchrest, Isaac is unable to see who really has his heart. Alice is at her wits end, she has come to love Isaac and is so frustrated with the man that he can’t even see what he has in front of him. Finally ready to throw in the towel, Alice walks away and decides that it’s up to Isaac to figure it out, because it hurts too much to watch him pine after the wrong woman. When Miss Kilchrest’s true colors start to shine, Isaac starts to see how mistaken he was, he can only hope that it’s not too late.

A Christmas Promise
Anyone can read a map, right? How hard could it be? With a carriage stuck in the middle of a field and finding yourself trying to fend off ferocious man eating dogs, you’ll find that it’s a lot harder than you would think. Sean had one job, get the horses and carriage to Castle Kilkenny where he is to be a new stable hand. However, a wrong turn and a muddy field seemed to have hindered his attempts at making it to the castle. With the help of Maeve and her teasing brothers, Sean finds himself falling in love and traveling on the right road back to his original destination.

Dream of a Glorious Season
Stuck in a world of expectations thrown at her by society, Elizabeth Gillford finds herself trapped at home and forced to watch an older sister come out and enjoy her several seasons. Elizabeth is unable to make her “first bows to Society” until Mary, her mean and selfish sister is wed. Elizabeth has also found herself in love with Julian Broadwood, the neighbor, and has been since she was 8 years old. However, he has been “promised” to her sister. Heartbroken and looking as though she is to be an old maid, Elizabeth has an inviting personality and doesn’t let this break her. As a reader, I find myself cheering for her and Julian.

A Lesson in Love
Lucy couldn’t be more excited to be returning to London ready to take the Season at full speed, with her husband in tow. Last year’s Season was amazing and involved a beautiful courtship and marriage with Reed. Now married, Lucy expects her Season to be even better than before. Unfortunately, Reed has an entirely different idea of how the Season should go, now that he is an ‘old’ married man. When Lucy and Reed find their desires clashing they turn to family to help clear the misunderstanding. Then again, with the help of their well meaning family, a small misunderstanding grows into a full blown war and the couple must find it in themselves to lean on each other and remember why they fell in love in the first place.

I have been enjoying all the stories that I have read by Sarah M. Eden, and this anthology is no exception. My favorite would be A Lesson in Love, because “Happily Ever After” doesn’t truly exist and you must always work hard especially after you say “I do” to keep your marriage strong and happy. Just like the other anthologies in the Timeless Romance series, I love them. Some stories I like better than others, but that’s the joys of these books. They are short and sweet and are easy to get through. You are given a wide arrange of characters and plots with happy surprises and sweet romances.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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