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Since birth, Jack Cavanaugh’s parents had groomed and trained him the family secret. A secret that was hundreds of years old that comes with its one legacy and title. The rich and powerful, the weak and vulnerable, anyone that knows the stories behind the title: Pimpernel, wanted him. The guilty wanted him brought in, they didn’t care whether he was dead or alive, and the victims wanted to hire him to fix where they had been wronged. The Pimpernel had talents, he had a team, and he had an endless supply of money, and best of all, he was great at what he did.

Jack was no stranger to assessing a situation promptly. With his team backing him and advising him, they were pros at getting in and getting out quickly. No questions were asked and assignments were done with a magical twist of his wrist. He was the master of disguise and misdirection. However, Jack’s newest assignment is not going as planned. With a man behind bars, he’s no closer to catching the head of the latest scheme and he’s sure an innocent PhD student, Claire Ramsey, is being used like a puppet. He wants to follow the strings attached to her and stop the hands controlling her spiral into the criminal world, a world she has no business in. The longer he stays in the assignment the more attached he becomes to the sweet naïve genius, who happens to suffer from an extreme case of OCD.

Feeling trapped, with no other options before her, Claire Ramsey must start down the road as a criminal, swindling businessmen out of their money. With threats aimed towards a man she feels that she cares for, Claire does better than anyone ever imagines. The money comes flowing in. With a cold hearted mother filled with more Botox than love, and a gay roommate as her only friend, Claire continues aimlessly lost in the world that she has stumbled into. As the masks come off, she realizes that nobody is who they say they are, and she may not be able to trust anybody.

Sheralyn Pratt knows how to write a great story that hits the ground running. From the moment I started the book I was captivated. Her characters are smooth, developed and ripe with realistic flaws that bring them to life. With twists and turns that come out leap out of the page, Pimpernel is full of suspense and comes with hints of romance to spice up the plot. I loved the story, I loved the characters and the dialogue. It never slowed down once. This is the second book I’ve read from Sheralyn Pratt, and I will definitely keep reading more. A very good author that knows how to keep her readers hooked. The best part? At the end, she hints at the possibility of writing a series with these characters! Yes, Please!

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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