Twelve Days in Christmas

Charlotte Holbrook lost her husband to a horrible accident at a mill, leaving her to care for her fifteen-month-old son on her own. While grieving for her own husband, who had passed on a short 5 months earlier, Charlotte was summoned to her sister’s side in New York. Her own sister had been recently widowed and would be entering into a marriage of convenience with William Vancer. To say William didn’t have any luck with fiancés, would be a huge understatement. When he hears that Marsali’s husband is still alive, a mere 2 hours before they were to say their vows, he fears that once again his luck has caught up with him. However, before all is lost and before William loses his last chance at securing an inheritance, Charlotte steps forward and agrees to the marriage.

Since Charlotte and William were practically strangers that were pushed together in an impromptu wedding, it was going to take time for them to actually get to know each other and learn to trust one another. Charlotte needed to learn that it was okay to love again and that she wouldn’t be betraying her late husband’s memory. William needed to learn that not all women were manipulative and thieves, like one former fiancé who ran off with his company’s secrets and eloped with another man the on their wedding day.

The couple learns trust, love and acceptance towards each other during a window of 12 days in which William had given himself time off. In these 12 days he wanted to court and care for his new wife, giving this new couple time to get to know the stranger who they had just married.

This novella follows the series Hearthfire Romance Series: Saving Grace, Loving Helen and Marrying Christopher. It is like a side companion to the other complete novels. This story follows after Marrying Christopher and is a quick read. I love reading stories that start out as a marriage of convenience and then grow to a deep love formed by a couple thrown together by circumstances beyond their control. Michele Paige Holmes is one of my favorite authors and this novella didn’t disappoint.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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