Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Sand and Kisses

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Open for Love by Elana Johnson

Sabrina Arnold runs her family’s Bed & Breakfast, trying to save pennies where she can, meaning that it’s up to her to fix plumbing issues at the same time she is booking wedding packages to famous guests.  However, when a new Bed & Breakfast is set to open right next door, Sabrina can’t help but snoop.  Snooping always brings more trouble than it’s worth, and this trouble comes in the form of a very good looking Carter Hammond.  Little does Sabrina know that Carter is her competition, and he omits the fact he’s the owner.  Trying to get past deceptions, business differences, and a painful loss can their small romance bloom?


Secrets in the Sand by Cindy M. Hogan

We’ve seen Christy Hadden, young talented spy, before.  She has a knack of finding trouble when she should be planning and enjoying a secret rendezvous with her handler/boyfriend.  A night of romance quickly turns into a vacation of hide and seek from the police and an attempted murder turns into a real murder gone wrong, with all the evidence pointing at Christy.  It quickly becomes a race of finding the real culprit and freeing an innocent kid.


Life’s a Beach by Jo Noelle

Trying to get away from love and all the horrible baggage that comes with it, Jenna Brennan tries to stay far away from Misty Harbor Cottages.  Attending a faraway school and accepting internships.  Finally giving in to her Uncle Walter’s requests, she finds herself sucked back to the Cottages and finds herself accepting a challenge against her longtime friend, and the man she loves: Cole Zamora.  Competing for the chance to own the cottages while trying to fight her growing love, Jenna finds that she can’t win every competition.


The Upgrade by Candice Toone

Amanda Ford has graduated from college, and taking the big step into being an adult with responsibilities is proving rather difficult.  Throwing caution to the wind, Amanda follows her friend to a college football game which turns into a date with a cute very cute guy.  Things get complicated when that cute fling happens to be a college student who shows up to her study abroad orientation.  Trying to keep the relationship strictly professional and nip the feelings before they begin is proving more and more difficult with the time the two are thrown together.


Surfboards and Star Trek by Donea Lee Weaver

Anna is enjoying a last get away with her daughter, before she heads off to college, and as a single mom they both don’t mind enjoying a little eye candy on their vacation.  Things seem to go well when the two meet Derek, and Anna finds herself falling madly in love.  However, their age difference raises several concerns and she runs for the hills.  Can Derek prove to Anna that their love is real and that they are good for each other?

This has been another fun anthology to read.  It wasn’t my favorite anthology, but they stories were engaging and kept a steady pace.  I happened to enjoy Surfboards and Star Trek the best, a little quirky romance that kept the characters real.


I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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