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By Joan Johnston

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Montana Bride (Bitter Creek) by Joan Johnston

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Shot by an arrow and abandoned, Hetty finds herself at the mercy of an unlikely quartet of misfits. A prostitute aka mail-order bride, two children pretending to be hers, and a wise Chinese man full of advice from Confucius and they are all on the way to meet up with Karl Norwood-poor man didn’t know what was about to hit him.  Hetty didn’t realize the fun was just getting started.  When Karl’s “sweet” mail-order bride finds karma is swift and just and plummets off the side of a cliff, Hetty must make a decision that will save two orphans and maybe even herself, all she must do is step in and become a widowed mother of two. How hard could it be?

Right away Karl knows something is amiss when he meets up with the group.  First, how could this young lady be the mother of two children, that were obviously older than what the letters had stated.  Furthermore, these children had different fathers and looked nothing like this stunningly beautiful woman.  Not willing to let the beauty walk away, he decides to play their little charade and see how it went, not realizing he might just fall in love along the way.

I stumbled across this book at my favorite used bookstore, and I absolutely fell in love with the characters and the author.  I love it when I find a new author that takes me on a journey through her writing.  From page one I was instantly swept away, becoming more and more involved with the characters and their dilemmas, cheering them on when they stumbled. Watching the “plain” Karl transform into the dashing young man that Hetty couldn’t help to fall in love with.  I can’t wait to buy other books by Joan Johnston, she is an author I would recommend to my friends.



The Captive (Griffin Force #1)

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When you get a call from your government asking you to help head a task forced to rescue an American Diplomat, you can’t turn it down.  However, there’s a little glitch; you are now the personal babysitter for a very head strong and ambitious woman.  Jake and Mya are both very strong and independent people and now they must shake that off and work together to save an innocent man and woman from their kidnappers.  Can they let go of their dislikes and their prejudice’s to complete the mission?

I have to get this off my chest: I couldn’t get past Mya’s high handed personality.  She was draining and annoying. I get tired of women that push themselves and act like they deserve more than they do, acting as if they always have something to prove.  In what world does a lawyer have experience with the dangerous terrorist situation that they were going into?  She’s with a team, many who are former SEALs and she’s demanding to be in charge?  She is always throwing fits and acting like a child not getting what she wants.  She’s with professionally trained military men, and she keeps getting upset when Jake doesn’t say please and thank you. He’s there for her protection, not to baby her.  I was really hard for me to stick with this book.  I did stick with it and it did get a little better, but it wasn’t one of my favorite books to read.

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Lynne Harmony has had her fair share of fear, pain, and heartache. She’s survived the Scorpius Syndrome only to come out with a glowing blue heart and has been imprisoned, poked and prodded and threatened. The world, at least those that have survived, has gone into survival mode. Shoot first ask questions later and they aren’t about to trust anyone, not even the woman with the blue heart who may just be the only hope the world has left at fighting the disease that destroyed civilization. Stumbling along ruin Lynne gets herself captured by Jax Mercury, the man who has become a legend. Caring for the weak and leading a small army of strong men, Jax is not a man to mess with. With a little give and take it doesn’t take long for the two to find out that they need each other to survive and with a little patience they find that there can be more than just heartache in all the mess and death. It is possible to find love.

There was never a dull moment in this action packed book. Amidst a world of chaos, the romance and chemistry jumped off the pages. I felt the raw pain when another survivor would succumb to the horrible disease. Rebecca Zanetti does an amazing job creating strong characters and a great plot that left me excited to read the next book in the series.

*Does Contain Adult Content*

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Boston's Quest

Boston’s Quest is a continuation of DiSemblance, and in my opinion it must be read in order to fully understand all the characters, the machines being built and used, and the overall story line.  Boston is still struggling to figure out what she wants to do with her life, she knows she must keep her mother happy and follow her wishes in order to keep her sober.  However, Boston struggles with holding onto the “popular” image in order to please her mom, and being who she really is: a photographer, archer, and girlfriend to a gaming boy, stuck in the middle of a murder trial.

Jason is trying to survive day to day, with both parents dead and a brother that believes he murdered them, it hasn’t been very easy.  In order to go on, Jason keeps locked up in his room playing video games and inventing like his father counting down the days until the trial of the real psychopath who killed several people all in the name of research.  Boston and Jason struggle daily, but it has come to their attention that witnesses for the trial are beginning to disappear and Boston and Jason may not be far behind them.

I’m not a gamer, but this book is focused around the gaming world, the detail that the author has put into this is actually quite amazing.  Not being a gamer I was still able to follow the story and visually understand what I was reading.  My only real problem that I have with this book is because of the cliffhanger at the end is very frustrating.  The first book finished with all the loose ends cleaned up and didn’t leave you hanging with a lot of questions.   I’m one that does like my stories to be solved, and if they are in a series, each book can be written with a new problem that can be added onto the previous story, but each new problem solved before the ending.  It’s very frustrating that nothing was solved in this book and it ended without a real solution or conclusion. It ended with “The End” in the middle of nowhere. Very frustrating.

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Fatal Exchange

Christy Hadden is an extremely talented spy, and at 19 she has to be good. There are people that would love to see her fail and she needs to prove that she is very capable of her job. Christy is on assignment in Paris, and her next mission seems easy enough-grab a flash drive with damaging information on a high ranking public official and keeps the informant safe. However, things go from bad to worse after Christy grabbed the flash drive. Before she can even react the flash drive is taken from her and she gives chase, leaving her informant behind and he’s killed. Christy needs to earn back the respect of her director, and decides to go undercover as a pickpocket. After she hits the streets she begins to realize that Paris is full of thieves and nobody is safe as the streets are overrun by several pickpocket rings.

If you can get past the fact that such an accomplished spy is only 19, it’s a very good book. It’s full of action and suspense, and there is a little bit of romance towards the end of the novel. I haven’t read the other books in this series, but this book can be read on its own. I didn’t feel like I’ve lost anything in the story by not reading the previous books. I have read other books by Cindy M. Hogan and I really enjoy her as an author. I wouldn’t mind reading the other books in the series and get to see more of Christy in action. I didn’t give it a perfect rating because it was hard for me to imagine that the way the department was set up, as believable. For the director to totally disregard information that was continually being given to her, especially when it had to do with the safety of a whole team, frustrated me and didn’t seem real at all. To have so much anger and hate between an agent and her shadow, makes you think that there should have been some psychological testing going on, and you would want your agents to trust those that are working with them. It is a fictional novel, so I’m not extremely put out when it doesn’t seem realistic, but other than a few small things, the book was good.

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Kate Unmasked

There aren’t very many teenagers like Kate Hamilton. Kate is an amazing high school student, getting A’s in all her classes and hanging out with the “good” crowd. Kate stays out of trouble and always listens to her parents, well usually; there is that little fact about a boyfriend her parents don’t know about. However, Kate isn’t content with her life quite yet; she is adopted and she wants nothing more than to know who her birth parents are. She’s invested her life savings into solving this mystery, only to come up disappointed time and time again. Kate is not a stranger to disappointment so when she receives news from the private investigator she’s hired, stating that they’ve come up empty; she is ready to give up hope, but an accidental discovery in the attic gets Kate and her star-struck best friend, Ellie, curious enough to start the search all over. It’s obvious now, that her parents have been keeping secrets from her and now it’s time for Kate to start keeping her own secrets. Loaded with just enough information to send her packing to New Jersey, Kate and Ellie team up on an adventure that was best left buried deep in the attic walls.

Cindy M. Hogan knows how to keep a reader guessing. Many twists kept me on the edge of my seat, I kept wondering if poor Kate was going to survive the streets or beaches of New Jersey. Ellie and her family were enough of a distraction that gave humor to a horrible situation; I just had to shake my head at their antics. In this Teen/Young Adult book, you can find humor, mystery, suspense, drama, murder, and romance. Definitely a book that I would recommend to a teen or an adult, it can be enjoyed by both age groups. The writing was smooth and transitions were flawless, I never felt lost and was able to sit back, put my feet up, drink my hot chocolate, and enjoy a very good book. Thank you Cindy M. Hogan for helping me escape into a world of intrigue.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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