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Harry Potter Quiz

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When your kids keep begging you to take the quiz, you can’t help but to give in.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

A Wild Ride

(Girl Detective & Her Horse Mystery Story Ages 6-8 & 9-12)

Excited for her tenth birthday, Moxie Wyoming Woodson wakes up and rushes out to find if she’s lucky enough to get her own barrel racing horse.  She is even more excited when she sees her dad getting ready to head out with the empty horse trailer.  Patiently she waits for her father to get back from his “fence-fixing” trip, only to be disappointed when he comes home and leads out a very old and very sway-backed grey-flecked black horse.  With instructions that she’s to love and care for this special horse, Moxie Wyoming throws a little tantrum but is surprised when the horse winks at her.  Wait a second, the horse winks?  It doesn’t take long for Moxie to realize that there’s more than what meets the eye with her new horse, Misty.

When Moxie and her best friend Pickle over hear a small gang making plans to round up a herd of wild mustangs and even recruit a local deputy, they know they can’t just sit back and not do anything about it.  When a special package arrives with special magical pink boots and a whistle, it becomes obvious that it’ll be up to Misty and Moxie to protect the wild mustangs from the gang.

This is a very cute read for any age, even if a child is unable to read on their own it is a fun one that can be read aloud to them.  With a little mystery, magic and some detective work a little girl learns that there’s more to life than barrel racing, and helping animals that can’t help themselves is very important and she’s willing to do what it takes.  I did enjoy taking a break from my normal every day reads, and had fun reading about Misty and Moxie’s adventures.  My children would love to read this story as would other children.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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Jane Blond

Jane Blond, not to be confused with James Bond, isn’t your typical every day run of the mill teenager. Sure, she’s a fourteen year old girl trying to survive high school and all the petty drama that goes along with it. On top of the high school scene her dad’s in jail, her mom’s dating again, and she has an uncle who she suspects is a spy. However, she’s different then the other students, when her crush is kidnapped she doesn’t sit on the sidelines, she jumps right in and puts herself right in the middle of danger and does everything she can to save him. When the kidnapper’s plot starts to unravel and it’s clear that the President is in jeopardy, she knows that she can protect him and she’ll not let anyone stand in her way even when the bullets start flying.

This was a great book found in children’s literature, and I believe that children and teens will love it. Jane Blond is very likable and a modern day teenager hero. However, the author did such a great job writing it, that I loved it and I’m thirty-two. There was suspense, mystery, and a little crush that gives a little childhood romance. It’s very clean and I think my children would love it.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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