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When Esme created her list for the perfect man she found him in her new fiancé and she couldn’t be happier.  Life could not be going any better, the only problem?  Whenever her boyfriends have met her best friend in the past, they tend to take off…running.  A little worried that would happen with this fiancé, Esme has not introduced Jon (the fiancé) to Hunter (the boyfriend).  However, time has come that she has to face the inevitable and introduce the two.  The biggest problem that the boys have with Hunter is that he’s a H-O-T. A gorgeous strong incredible looking man and to top it off he’s a fireman, yep ladies he’s a real winner.

Jon says, “Oh Hell No!”

Now Esme must choose between her lifelong best friend or the man’s she’s going to marry.  There’s one little, I mean big glitch: Hunter has admitted to being in love with Esme and Esme has been banned from contacting Hunter at all.  Will this end everything that Hunter and Esme have ever had together or will this love be strong enough for Esme to be brave enough to go for him?

This is another book in the Power of the Matchmaker Series, but as with all the other books it could be read alone, it is fun however to read all the books and know the background of the cute Pearl that makes her appearance to push these couples along .  I’ve loved reading Sheralyn Pratt’s books.  She makes me laugh, she makes me scowl, and she makes me cheer for the characters.  She knows how to create a beautiful romance with the right about of conflict and is great at adding a little suspense to her stories.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Five Thousand, Three Hundred Miles

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Buy: Five Thousand, Three Hundred Miles

When you’ve had your heart broken and you really don’t care to let it happen again you tend to build up a boring life that you can count on. Go to work go home and do the same thing every day.  That is, until you have a sister that wants to step in and give you something to remember for the rest of your life on your 30th birthday.  That’s what has happened to Beth Wilton, she’s been given the trip of her dreams to London, England.  In just a few days she let go of her normal self and learns to dream, first crashing and burning with the first man she meets but soaring high with Jack Stoll.  However, not everything can be perfect and she loses contact with her new love and she must learn to make life go on back in the states.

A quick and fun read about a woman letting go and learning to live again, and learning that there is life after love.  With romance and patience, a couple can find that maybe destiny is looking out for them.  It was a little interesting seeing the main character interact for the first part of the book and then being independent of each other throughout the book.   It was a different type of book for me to read, but I had fun reading it.  Sometimes we have to let go of our boring lives and venture out to be wild and crazy to find out who we really are.


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