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Miss Match (No Match for Love Book 1)

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After his father has passed away, leaving the title of CEO to him, Luke Ryder feels like his life is spinning out of control. Turning to alcohol to numb his pain and turning to all the wrong women to ease the emptiness in his heart, Luke tries really hard to get over the real problem that he has been dealing with for the last 8 years: Brooke.  His best friend Brooke is getting married to the perfect Italian and everyday it breaks his heart.  Brooke is so adamant about keeping their status as friends in tact that she’s written up a list of rules to keep Luke in the “friend” zone.  But things are starting to crumble in Brooke’s world.

Having an unfaithful father has left its mark on her and Brooke refuses to ever trust a player like Luke.  She needs someone like her fiancé in her life, strong and dependable.  However, when news hits that her dream job is about to be taken away she knows she must stand and make a fight.  Brooke is the top matchmaker at Toujour, but the numbers have been bleak for months and it’s time to turn them around or the company would fold.  The only solution is to bring in a high profile figure, and who better could that be that the rich, good looking bachelor, Luke Ryder.  Luke goes through the motions to help the love of his life succeed, but his true feelings are about to shine through and it’s time for his to stand up and fight for her and it’s time that Brooke knows his true feelings.  Sometimes the best thing we have is standing right in front of us and we just don’t know it.  Brooke must learn to let go of her fears and learn that she may be putting her love and trust in the wrong man.

I loved reading Miss Match.  It was great to watch a man fight so hard for the woman he loves, stumbling along the way because he is human, but not letting it slow him down.  The dialogue flowed easily and the story never slowed down.   Brooke and Luke were endearing and you couldn’t help but want to reach and grab Brooke and ask, “What are you doing?”  I like when the author has created such a great story that I can’t help but get captivated by the characters and I forget that I’m not in reality while I’m reading.   I love getting swept away into the fiction world of a sweet endearing romance.

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Make me a Match

What do you do when you are three grown men stuck in a small town in the very cold and isolated part of Alaska? You make a bet with the local bartender that you can become the town’s very own trio of matchmakers, of course! Following three rough and burly men as they take on a town of men that only shave once a year and would rather ice fish and swap stories over beers than converse with the opposite sex: Cooper Hamilton, Ty Porter, and Gideon Walker have their work cut out for them. On top of running a successful matchmaking business, they soon realize that they have problems of their own, and cupid may just have a few tricks up his sleeve. A one night stand that turns into cute cuddly baby dressed in pink, a corrupt hockey player that carries scars that hide the true secrets behind them, and surprise crushes are all stories that play a part in creating a fun, cute, Valentine’s Day romantic book. This was a cute book that took three separate stories and intertwined them. The authors did an amazing job overlapping the characters in each tale. I love books like these and can’t wait to read more.

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Under the Mistletoe

Forgotten Kisses by Cindy Roland Anderson

When the male lead playing Sir Lancelot is fired, his costume designer Madison Taylor, couldn’t be more thrilled until she hears who his replacement is. Caleb Matthews, aka her ex-fiance is stepping in to take the roll and Madison isn’t too excited to be working closely with the man that she lost her heart to. Trying to pay the bills while helping her sister who is a single mom and her baby niece, Madison doesn’t have an option but to work alongside Caleb with a smile on her face. It doesn’t take long for Madison to realize that the feelings that she had put away a long time ago for him, are coming back and she finds herself falling in love with him all over again.

The Last Christmas by Annette Lyon

Meredith and her husband Eric are just days away from signing the divorce papers, but Meredith doesn’t want to ruin Christmas for her grown children. Meredith wants Eric to pretend that nothing is wrong while they are in town and asks him to play along. Eric is heartbroken and during a night of confessions Meredith and Eric find out what they both need to do to make their marriage work. Eric is bound and determined to show his wife that he’ll do anything to win her back.

Truth or Dare by Julie Coulter Bellon

Jonah Harrison is a wounded war veteran and has been hiding from the world in his parent’s home for the last year while recovering. A high school class mate comes to visit while chasing her love struck dog, and the night turns into a game of truth and dare, tears, and a perfect kiss. Through love and understanding Jonah learns that he can live again and find love.

Holiday Bucket List by Sarah M. Eden

Celeste Lagorio and Mike Durham are both single parents and have been next door neighbors for years. Mike has stepped in a few times to help the girls when they needed a father figure. This Christmas, Celeste will be on her own now that her kids have grown and are unable to come home for the holidays. Mike steps in and helps makes Celeste a Christmas to remember.

Christmas Every Day by Heather B. Moore

Monica had dreams, but she had to change her plans when her mother became ill and she needed Monica to care for her. In order to pay the bills, she took up a job at a mom and pop store. While on a date with her extremely temperamental boyfriend, she is trying to explain to him that she is on the verge of buying it from the owners, and he explodes. A stranger steps in and shows her the true way a woman should be treated. Little does she know that the gentleman is the long lost prodigal son of the owners and he may change her plans.

First (and Last) Christmas Date by Jennifer Griffith

Juliet Law and Tag McClintock had the worst luck on their first date back in high school and it ended in a promise that there would be a second date….in ten years. What are the chances that Tag McClintock shows up ten years later with a promise of a date and with only their luck could things go just as bad or even worse. Can Tag and Juliet get past their luck and find love?

This wasn’t my favorite anthology that I’ve read, but the stories are quick and easy reads. Couples are learning to trust again, learning to find love and willing to get through challenges for each other. They are sweet romances that show that there can be happily ever after if you only work for it. These are some of my favorite authors and I did enjoy reading some from new authors that I have been introduced to before.

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Christmas Romance 2015 Places to See

Mr. Simon’s daughter has passed away leaving him heartbroken and determined to make sure he helps her four friends break away from their workaholic lives and live by seeing the world while they are still young.  His daughter only got to travel after she had received the news that she was dying and he didn’t want the girls that have been like daughters to him, to suffer the same fate of never seeing what the world has to offer.  For Christmas he offers them a gift to travel the world, anywhere they want to go, all expenses paid and their only requirement is to have fun.

Kisses and Strudel (Places to See Germany) by Jennifer Conner

Aubri knows she has explicit directions that she is to enjoy her vacation, but she’s unable to break away from her addiction to work.  Picking Germany, Aubri decides she’s going to do what she does best as head buyer of Christmas decorations for Simon’s Department store, and she’s going mix mostly business with a little pleasure by searching for products while in Germany.  Rothenburg, Germany has the best Christmas stores in the world and she’s going to begin with Weignachten Haus.  Mr. Frost is the store manager and Aubri is pleasantly surprised at how good looking he is and sparks immediately start flying.

In Love with Paris (Places to see France) by Sharon Kleve

Paget Murphy is in the airport on her way to Paris when she accidentally stumbles into Christopher after leaving the airport’s bookstore with a book from her favorite author in hand.  After mumbling something embarrassing about him looking like “Michelangelo’s David” they both are pleasantly surprised that they are on the same flight.  Paget can’t believe her luck when she gets to sit next to her favorite author and a gorgeous man is taken with her.  Her trip to Paris is sure to be an eventful and love filled trip.

Christmas in Tuscany (Places to see Italy) by Angela Ford

Erica runs the wine and chocolate shop inside Mr. Simon’s store and what better place for her to enjoy than Tuscany.  Not only would she get to discover new wines but she’ll also get to visit the place where her parents shared their first kiss.  Lucky enough to be able to land a spot in a very elite tour, spots availability is only open to about twenty. However, the man who runs the tour is older and has fallen ill and asked he late friend’s son, Massimo to take his spot.  Immediately Massimo and Erica are drawn to each other, but another sinister plot starts to unravel to derail the blossoming relationship.

Twice as Nice Christmas (Places to See Bulgaria) by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Jade usually isn’t one to be instantaneous, but the cute house and the late night on the internet leads her to signing the closing papers on a small fixer upper in Bulgaria.  Excited to finally have a vacation, she jumps on the plane and starts her journey to see her new “vacation” home.  On the flight, she saves a man from having to sit near a screaming toddler by offering up the seat next to her.  Little did she know that they would soon be sharing more than polite conversation when they landed in Bulgaria.  A snow storm and full motels have Jade and Damyan sharing a room for three days before they take a journey to see Jade’s new home, and during that time they hit it off and they find themselves falling in love.

This was so fun to read Christmas Romance 2015-Places to see Series.  It was fun for all four girls tied to the same beginning and each setting out for their own journey.  The series was short and fast, but the characters were strong, the images were beautiful, and the recipes found in the back of some of the stories were a delightful surprise.  It definitely is a book about love at first sight, and it doesn’t take long for the characters to exchange more than just kisses.  I enjoyed this book and the authors who wrote the stories.

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*This book does contain sexual content*


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A Kiss From Kringle

Leah Ward is very protective of her sister and her niece. So when her sister’s first day of work rolls around and her niece is sick Leah steps in and tries to keep her head low and blend in so the bosses won’t catch that she’s filling in. But the only thing that she’s filling in is her sister’s too small and tight elf suit, catching the eye of one of the bosses. Chris Kringle knows that the elf in front of him is one of the girls he’s hired, suspicious and a bit aroused by the sexy beauty he investigates a little further. Chris believes in Christmas magic and love at first sight and with Leah he gets a little of both he just has to get her to believe with him.

This short Novella is perfect for a quick getaway from your hustle and bustle. It was fun to see Leah squirm and try to explain why she’s there instead of her sister and see how she fought her attraction to the good looking Mr. Kringle. The story did move quite quickly, and you do need to be a believer in love at first sight to appreciate that romance that blossoms quickly in less than a day between Leah and Chris. It was a little bit of a stretch for me to see Chris fall so quickly, but that’s the joy of short stories, they don’t need to be realistic they just need to make me smile.

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*This book contains sexual content and is intended for a mature audience*

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Merry Christmas, Henry

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Merry Christmas, Henry

An extremely gifted artist, Henry, also doubles as night guard at a local museum. He is painfully shy and content with his life, as quiet and isolated as it is. With one true friend to take him under her wing once every week and during holidays, Henry is free to live his life painting and protecting the museum, and spending every moment he can falling love with a woman in a painting. For years, Henry talks to the woman on a cliff and tries to picture her life, what makes her so forlorn and how can he make her happy. With a mission in mind he takes to adding subtle changes to the paintings, slowly adding something every night up to Christmas Eve, which is the night he realizes that the picture is now complete and is it his imagination? Or does this beautiful woman now wear a smile?

Not one my favorite books, the writing was beautiful, but I felt like there should be so much more to the story. I realize it was a short story, and there is only so much that can be said. However, where was the romance? Why couldn’t the painting come alive? Why couldn’t he actually interact with her? Obviously we stepped away from a realistic book, so why not bring the painting to life. I feel the story line was there; it just didn’t come to life and didn’t have a true romantic feeling to it.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.