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Buy from Amazon: Danny’s Girl

When Officer Danny Sherwood got the call that there was an individual traveling at dangerous high speeds, he didn’t realize that when he pulled the suspect over that he would be meeting a woman that would change his life. Manon DuPre is taking no chances and driving as fast as she can to get away from the monster that controls her life and leaves bruises and broken bones in his fury. Afraid for her life, she begs the officer to hide her; afraid her ex-boyfriend would show up any minute and follow through with his threats of killing her. Frightened with nowhere else to turn, Manon couldn’t have chosen a better place to stumble on. With a town full of loving friends willing to protect the new stranger that has come into their lives, and they themselves are no stranger to hiding out and changing their identities to start a new life. Manon takes a new job at a café, changes her name to Mandy Black and finds herself drawn to the officer who has sworn to protect. Full of insecurities and mistrusting it’ll take a village and a few well-placed friends to help Manon discover who she really is and what she has to offer.

This is the second book that I have read in the Rainbow Rock Romances series and I was familiar with some of the back stories. You are able to read these books on their own, but it is fun to read the different stories of each of the characters. Susan Aylworth writes a good clean romance and does a great job and developing the characters and bringing them through tough circumstances and helps them to trust and love again.

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Twelve Days in Christmas

Charlotte Holbrook lost her husband to a horrible accident at a mill, leaving her to care for her fifteen-month-old son on her own. While grieving for her own husband, who had passed on a short 5 months earlier, Charlotte was summoned to her sister’s side in New York. Her own sister had been recently widowed and would be entering into a marriage of convenience with William Vancer. To say William didn’t have any luck with fiancés, would be a huge understatement. When he hears that Marsali’s husband is still alive, a mere 2 hours before they were to say their vows, he fears that once again his luck has caught up with him. However, before all is lost and before William loses his last chance at securing an inheritance, Charlotte steps forward and agrees to the marriage.

Since Charlotte and William were practically strangers that were pushed together in an impromptu wedding, it was going to take time for them to actually get to know each other and learn to trust one another. Charlotte needed to learn that it was okay to love again and that she wouldn’t be betraying her late husband’s memory. William needed to learn that not all women were manipulative and thieves, like one former fiancé who ran off with his company’s secrets and eloped with another man the on their wedding day.

The couple learns trust, love and acceptance towards each other during a window of 12 days in which William had given himself time off. In these 12 days he wanted to court and care for his new wife, giving this new couple time to get to know the stranger who they had just married.

This novella follows the series Hearthfire Romance Series: Saving Grace, Loving Helen and Marrying Christopher. It is like a side companion to the other complete novels. This story follows after Marrying Christopher and is a quick read. I love reading stories that start out as a marriage of convenience and then grow to a deep love formed by a couple thrown together by circumstances beyond their control. Michele Paige Holmes is one of my favorite authors and this novella didn’t disappoint.

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Mystery Angel Romance Series Blog Tour

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Vienna Avery is intent on exposing the government’s true motive behind the creation of robots and their sudden release of their creation into the public. However, there is one thing that is stopping her, she has no idea what the motives are. She just knows they are up to no good, but it’s hard to convince the public on a hunch. To make matters worse, her own mother has bought one. Vienna’s family is now proud owners of a French cooking robot. When Vienna doesn’t think things could get any worse after taking a swing at the metal contraption, she’s taken aside by a strange man with brilliant green eyes and warned her life is in danger. Life gets even crazier when Vienna discovers that robots have emotions and are practically human in every way, even capable of feeling and showing love. It’s a secret that is worth killing over, and Vienna finds herself on the run with a very strange group of individuals that call themselves a family, but the metal inside of them says differently.

I was really excited to read this book when the cover caught my eye and then I read the summary I was even more thrilled. However, I felt like I was getting bits and pieces of the story. Some parts of the story were described in detail, where other bits were just thrown at me in jagged pictures. I really liked the story line, but when I finished the last page, I felt lost and actually had the thought, “What just happened?” I really don’t think it was a smooth reading, which I’m really disappointed because I had high expectations and hopes for this one. I’m hoping it’s just this book, because I would like to give the author another shot.

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When Ronnie Lake gets a frantic call from her niece begging for help, she drives like hell to her childhood home to see how she can help her anxious niece. Her niece gives Ronnie a jumbled up story of a new and stunning woman in her father’s life and begs for help in investigating the woman. Ready to wave it off as nothing out of the ordinary, Ronnie sees for herself all the mysterious events that start to happen since the mysterious woman’s arrival: phone calls, a suspicious and smelly package that arrives on a door step, and cars being pushed off the road by scary tattooed strangers. She knows that she must do something to protect her brother and her family. Ronnie takes it upon herself to open up an investigation. The only problem, she’s not an investigator.

Divorced, in her fifties, and with lots of time and money on her hands, Ronnie starts digging into the questionable and nonexistent past of Juliana. A story begins to emerge, and she begins to realize that sometimes it’s just better to let the past lay dormant because Ronnie’s peaceful life could never prepare her for the world where gangs are formed by children, crimes are committed, and children just disappear. Unwilling to give up the hunt, Ronnie and Juliana begin to see that there’s only room enough for only one of them in her brother’s life and Juliana may just have the upper hand.

I was a little skeptic opening the book and realizing that the character was in her fifties, and wondered if it would be a silly and sappy mystery with an older woman trying to waste time playing detective. I actually was very impressed and found myself quite engrossed in the story. The characters are developed and strong, and the mystery that wraps itself around Juliana and how she presents herself to the world while secretly hiding a crime filled past. Did Ronnie make a few mistakes in her investigation, sure, but she handled herself amazingly and took the challenge head on and didn’t back down. Even when her life was in danger, Ronnie kept going, knowing she wouldn’t give up until she made sure her brother was making the right decision and would be keeping his family safe. This was a really fun mystery, kept you guessing the entire time, trying to find out what Juliana’s game plan was and who she was trying to help. Stunner kept a good steady pace and I never felt it drag on. It would be interesting to see what the other books in the series will be like.

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Take Me Duet Blog Tour

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Amazon: Man of Her Dreams

Lindsay Swanson doesn’t have much time for the dating scene, and even if she did her luck in that department is leaving her with a batting average of a big fat zero. Lindsay owns her own renovation business, she’s very talented at envisioning and creating any project that comes her way. From start to finish-she does it all. She lives a quiet life at her home in her small town of Ravenwood and by word of mouth her company does exceptionally well at bringing in new customers.

Jared Kane is a well known author with several books on the New York Best Sellers list. Trying to take a little break from the crazy hustle and bustle of New York, where nobody cares who you are or what you do, Jared moves to Ravenwood. With his good fortune, he learns that he’s living next to a very beautiful woman who just happens to renovate homes, and he is living in an old home that definitely could use some tender loving care.


Sparks start to fly the moment these two run into each other at the grocery store and Lindsay steals his loaf of bread. With a little determination and the help of a misplaced notebook complete with a list of Lindsay’s dream man, Jared starts using his charm to worm his way into her heart. When it comes to light that he’s been using her list, she instantly become suspicious of his intentions and Jared must work fast to prove his love before he loses her.


A very cute and clean romance! I am new to Sue Barr’s writing, but I’m glad I was given the opportunity to review her book. The characters of the small town of Ravenwood could be in any small town, my town included. With small town gossip, high school drama that you never outgrow, and small town softball rivalries it fit my town perfectly. It’s fun to be able to put your feet up and enjoy a good clean romance that still can get the heart pumping fast with the steamy yet clean make out session. I’ll put this author right up there with Kimberly Krey: good clean writing with some steamy and fun action.


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Love in Oahu Series Blog Tour

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The Mariposa Hotel

It’s no secret that I read a lot, so when I get my hands on anthologies, I’m thrilled because I get several stories in one book; it’s like a treat to this book-a-holic.  Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson and Heather B. Moore each spin a wonderful, clean and inspirational romantic tale.  The Mariposa Hotel is a great read because it takes three separate characters and connects them in one beautiful hotel complete with a beautiful three-hundred-year-old wishing well brought from Mexico.  With a toss of a coin and a well placed wish, three couples find true love.

Ghost of 913

Mari is working as a hotel maid trying to work her way through college in order to attend law school and she gets the lucky job of cleaning room 913.  She’s lucky because it’s as if the occupant is a ghost, leaving not even a fingerprint behind.  Lucky for Mari, her “ghost” is living and happens to be a very good looking U.S. Marshal.  Grant helps protect witnesses in the Witness Protection Program; he is very organized and pays attention to detail.  When he discovers that Mari is just as detail oriented as him, and she’s beautiful, he perks up and pays attention.  Still trying to pick up the pieces from her previous marriage, Mari is a little leery of the secretive man that is working his way into her heart, and unless he starts to open up Grant will find her walking away.

Butterfly Kiss

The surfers love the waves at Seashell Beach and as a professional photographer Ridely goes where the waves are good.  He just happens to live in Seashell Beach and gets to enjoy the patrons of the Mariposa Hotel.  His friend, who runs the hotel, finds himself short a concierge, and Ridely volunteers to step in to help.  As luck would have it, a beautiful woman steps through the door and instantly catches his eye.  However, his mind becomes clouded with judgments and Ridley finds he’s making mistake after mistake with Brooke and realizes that she may be more than just a weekend fling.  Brooke is swept off her feet by the good looking concierge, as their whirlwind relationship starts to blossom it comes clear that Ridely is hiding something and he’s not just a concierge after all.

Dreams Come True

Regean holds down a very stressful job as hotel events manager, but she enjoys every minute of it and wouldn’t have it any other way.  When it’s time for a charity gala for KC Woods, a Hollywood producer, she does what she does best and prepares for it.  However, KC just happens to have a very bossy and secretive assistant who demands on chocolate covered strawberries and a shared room waiting for them.  Regean must learn to look past her preconceived opinions and open up to the possibility of dating KC Woods and maybe she’ll realize that there is more to a story that what meets the eye.

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Forged by Love Release Tour

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