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Make me a Match

What do you do when you are three grown men stuck in a small town in the very cold and isolated part of Alaska? You make a bet with the local bartender that you can become the town’s very own trio of matchmakers, of course! Following three rough and burly men as they take on a town of men that only shave once a year and would rather ice fish and swap stories over beers than converse with the opposite sex: Cooper Hamilton, Ty Porter, and Gideon Walker have their work cut out for them. On top of running a successful matchmaking business, they soon realize that they have problems of their own, and cupid may just have a few tricks up his sleeve. A one night stand that turns into cute cuddly baby dressed in pink, a corrupt hockey player that carries scars that hide the true secrets behind them, and surprise crushes are all stories that play a part in creating a fun, cute, Valentine’s Day romantic book. This was a cute book that took three separate stories and intertwined them. The authors did an amazing job overlapping the characters in each tale. I love books like these and can’t wait to read more.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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