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Merry Christmas, Henry

   Posted by: Kristina   in Holidays, Romance, Short Story

Merry Christmas, Henry

An extremely gifted artist, Henry, also doubles as night guard at a local museum. He is painfully shy and content with his life, as quiet and isolated as it is. With one true friend to take him under her wing once every week and during holidays, Henry is free to live his life painting and protecting the museum, and spending every moment he can falling love with a woman in a painting. For years, Henry talks to the woman on a cliff and tries to picture her life, what makes her so forlorn and how can he make her happy. With a mission in mind he takes to adding subtle changes to the paintings, slowly adding something every night up to Christmas Eve, which is the night he realizes that the picture is now complete and is it his imagination? Or does this beautiful woman now wear a smile?

Not one my favorite books, the writing was beautiful, but I felt like there should be so much more to the story. I realize it was a short story, and there is only so much that can be said. However, where was the romance? Why couldn’t the painting come alive? Why couldn’t he actually interact with her? Obviously we stepped away from a realistic book, so why not bring the painting to life. I feel the story line was there; it just didn’t come to life and didn’t have a true romantic feeling to it.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.