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Wonderfully Wicked

Kalila Montgomery is anything but normal, she’s a dreamcaster. As a dreamcaster, Kalila’s nightmares take shape and come to life. She’s forced to live away from others, because her nightmares tend to bring harm to those that have the misfortune of sleeping anywhere near her. She’s content with having one friend, who just happens to be a prophetess who accepts Kalila and her dreams. Sometimes Kalila’s dreams also give her knowledge of what’s going to happen in the future and one of those dreams tells her to look out for a man that will be the death of her, literally. Unfortunately for her, that man has targeted her to be his escape from the V’alkara brotherhood.

Lydon v’al Endrain and his brotherhood are at the mercy of dreamcasters. Unable to survive with nightmares, they depend on the nightmares that people like Kalila supply, they feed on their dreams. Lydon is not a normal V’alkara, he doesn’t sit back being content with taking orders from Master White. He knows that there are other ways to “cure” the V’alkara’s weakness and he’s ready to branch out on his own. He just needs to convince Kalila that she’s better off with him, and the best way to do that is to kidnap her. Kalila is anything but ready to trust the man that she has visions of drinking her blood, she’s feisty, sassy, and will use whatever means necessary to fight for her freedom, even if that means unleashing her worst nightmares. Kalila and Lydon must learn to trust each other and learn to listen to their hearts if they are to beat the brotherhood and be free to live their lives, with or without Kalila’s dreams to aid them.

To say there is a lot going on in this book is putting it mildly. C.J. Burright, the author, has a lot of information and material that she must pass on to the reader to help them understand Kalila’s and Lydon’s world, and it’s not an easy task. Because there was so much going on, and I didn’t feel like I had a lot of information to go off of, I felt lost for several chapters. I found myself getting frustrated and putting the book down, I kept forcing myself to pick it up and read a few more pages. It wasn’t until I reached about Chapter 9, that I started to understand and appreciate the book. I usually don’t give a book that long to get me hooked, but I knew I didn’t want to give up on it. I’m glad I didn’t. The characters finally grew on me once I appreciated who they were and what abilities they had. Once I figured out how the brotherhood really depended on the dreamcasters and the real trouble that Kalila was in I couldn’t put the book down. I think this is a book I would read again, now that I know what’s going on and I think it would help me appreciate the beginning of the book a lot more. I wish there were a better way to write the book where the reader could understand what was going on without losing the action. This is a great book once you know what’s going on and how all the characters fall into place. My advice, stick with it and give it time, Lydon and Kalila grow on you.

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*I Received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
*Contains Sexual Content*