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A Christmas Kerril

   Posted by: Kristina   in Romance, Teen & Young Adult

A Christmas Kerril

Kerril is your typical teenage girl, living with her mom and attending the very prestigious and private school: Westerly Academy.  She’s also your classic Christmas Scrooge, if it has to do with Christmas she wants nothing to do with it.  Kerril struggles with the Christmas holiday since that dreaded day her dad and her mom decided to have an all-out fight at a Christmas party destroying any joy that Kerril had for the holiday.  To add to her dismay, Kerril has now been bullied into playing the star lead in a new take of the Christmas Carol by her over domineering teacher.  Alongside her is the very shy Adam who suffers from a speech impediment, and a misfit student who hates everybody.  While Kerril is trying to find time to learn a new play, go to school, get schoolwork done, and work, she also is juggling her ever present dreams that are hard to decipher between what is reality and what is dreaming.  These dreams focus around her past, the present, and the future.  Is she going to be able to learn from her dreams to help her make better decisions in her present life?  Her biggest decision in her life right now is trying to decide between the two boys in her life: Adam and Perry.  The draw back?  Perry is already taken.

I don’t often get books that I dislike.  However, when I get them I’m extremely honest and don’t hold back.  Unfortunately, A Christmas Kerril, falls under this topic.  I was very optimistic about this book; usually it can be fun to read a fun loving Christmas story during the holidays.  However, this book fell very short of my expectations and left bitter feelings of disgust.  The fact that Perry is taken doesn’t seem to affect Kerril, she has the feelings of guilt when she starts to pursue Perry, but that doesn’t stop her from the multiple times she make outs with him.  Kerril also doesn’t stop secretly meeting him when she discovers that his girlfriend may be suffering from a terminal disease.  I don’t have any respect for people who cheat, and I don’t have a desire to read anything about it.  This is not a story that I would recommend, especially during this holiday.


*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*