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Shaping Destiny

Leah is on her way to college, leaving behind an overprotective dad only to travel with an overprotective boyfriend. Leah has lived a normal life and ready to start the next chapter, but she’ll soon find out that her life is anything but normal. Leah starts to realize that she may have a creepy stalker on her hands; needless to say it is a bit frightening to her. In-between classes and taking dance class with Jared, her boyfriend and best friend since they were kids, Leah is so busy that she pushes the stalker out of her mind. However, the moment she is attacked and the so-called stalker saves her life, Leah begins to realize that there may be more to her that meets the eye. She soon discovers that her hearing is impeccable, she can smell every little thing or person, and those are only a few of the changes that are beginning to take place after she has been hanging out with Max. Max was hired to watch Leah from a distance, but fate draws them together. Together they find they are stronger and they need to rely on each other to find the strength to protect Leah from from the people trying to kill her.

Shaping Destiny isn’t the best written book out there, being a self published book there may be some parts that an editor could have helped to iron out the kinks, but the story line is fun and easy to read. I enjoyed this short trip into Leah’s shape shifting life. There may be some parts of the book that seems a bit jumbled, but all I wanted was a quick escape into a cute, clean, young adult romance and Heather delivered. I wouldn’t mind reading other books from Heather Monroe.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.