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First Crush (In the Garden Book 2)

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Maddie McCormick is a teacher and she has a vision that will bring the community together, will help the local food bank, and give her students the knowledge of growing their own food. She’s creating a garden complete with plots for people to buy and garden for themselves. With the help of her best friends they put together the green house and the plots, and as a extra side perk she gets to work alongside her long time crush: Officer Ben Belliston, her brother’s best friend. When tragedy falls upon Ben’s sister-in-law he finds himself an instant father of his eight year old niece. Completely lost at raising a child, Ben finds himself turning to Maddie more and more for help. Can Maddie keep her feelings secret from Ben, or can she make that big leap of faith from friend to girlfriend without losing the closeness they share? Ben is clueless about Maddie’s feelings and he’s stubborn to his own feelings that start to grow inside him. When he does start to clue in on the chemistry that is between them he lets his fears get in the way and finds that he is about to lose the beautiful stable woman who has been in his life since he was a little boy and who he has fallen in love with.

Heather Tullis has created a great story that brings in the healing power of love. I started reading it one night, just hoping to get in a couple chapters before I went to bed and it turned into one of those midnight reading marathons where I couldn’t put the book down until I hit the last page. I have not read a book by this author before, but I found her writing smooth and easy to follow and her characters were strong and developed. She did a great job of using Ben’s background as a cop to really help his niece, Felicia, find her way through fear, loss and abuse. I fell in love with Ben, with his background he could have chosen to take any wrong path, but he chose to end the cycle of alcohol abuse and physical abuse that he lived with and suffered through from his own father and give Felicia a beautiful safe environment where she could feel loved and completely secure. I love it when I get a crush on a character in the book I’m reading, it tells me that the author loves her characters and does an amazing job creating their stories and their personalities and presents them in a way that we as readers, can’t help but love.

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