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A Moment on the Lips

There’s nothing that tastes better than a chocolate cupcake with fudge frosting, well I take that back, the only thing that tastes better than a chocolate cupcake with fudge frosting is one made by Piper Noble in the Poppin’ Fresh Bakery.  Piper owns a bakery where she offers the best baked goods in Whistle Stop; business is doing so good that she is planning to expand to the vacant store next to her.   However, her dream of expanding is cut short when news comes in the form of the gorgeous bachelor, Joe Montoya.  When Joe walks into her store full of compliments and smiles, Piper’s is blindsided when he tells her that he’s the new owner and will be opening a coffee shop. Devastated, Piper tries with all her persuasion skills to get Joe to sell her the shop.  Turns out that Joe is the most stubborn person alive and he digs his heels in and begins renovations.

It’s hard to ignore the sparks of chemistry even while they silently fight to hang on to their dreams.   It takes a couple of older meddling ladies pushing them to volunteer to head a fundraising committee that will help clean and repair the town, bringing it back to the beautiful inviting place that it used to be.  Forced to become co-chairs in the committee, they push aside their differences, learning to work together for the greater good.   During their time together, it becomes apparent that they both have been extremely hurt, they need to work together to build their community and knock down their own internal walls in order to expose their hearts and build up their shattered self-esteems to be able to care for each other and their own selves.

This was a remarkable book about healing and learning to love yourself and being able to trust again through the healing power of love.  The writing was so easy to follow; I couldn’t put the book down.  The dialogue kept flowing at a smooth and steady pace. I picked it up last night and didn’t go to bed until I finished it.  I may be tired today, but reading such a good story was totally worth the lack of sleep.  This is a book in a series, I haven’t read the other ones and I don’t feel like I missed anything.  There are other characters that do have other books, and it’ll be fun to delve into their stories to discover more about their lives in the Whistle Stop series.


*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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