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Walk Through Fire

Since Millie Cross split up with the love her life, Logan “High” Judd, she has been living life from day to day. She’s set up a successful business and has created a beautiful home.  Every day is the same old thing and she’s content with her life and she won’t complain.  Maybe she’ll even venture out and take a Pilates class to add to her non-existent excitement.  Anyone that knew Millie would be surprised how different her life was before Logan and how it is now, because Logan was in a biker gang and it wasn’t just any gang, it was Chaos.  Millie lived for the excitement and the cut off shorts, tank tops, and parties.  Now Millie lived for her job and her name brand sweaters, sexy boots, and pencil skirts.  On her way home, Millie’s predictable life changed and it changed big, because when she stopped for food the sound of a very distinct male voice brought memories from 20 years ago flooding back with a vengeance, High was standing in line in front of her talking to someone on the phone about kids and finding a new home.  High was back, and he had kids. It was too much for Millie, she couldn’t leave fast enough.

In the safety of her walls Millie decided that enough time had passed and she needed to apologize to High for leaving him so many years ago, but with people like High and his brothers in Chaos, it wasn’t going to be that easy.  When Millie found High, the reunion was anything but pleasant, all the hate and anger that High had built up over two decades came spilling out, and he wasn’t about to let Millie leave without knowing how much she had hurt him.  Life had changed them both, and Millie would never be able to tell High the real reason she left him, the real reason that she had walked through fire for him.  Unless Logan would drop the hate and open up to her, which he wasn’t about to let happen, he would never open back up to her and the heart ache that was sure to follow.  If the boys in Chaos had a choice, they would do whatever it took to protect High.  It was up to the women in the gang, they knew what was best for the couple, and they just had to make the boys see it.

At first when I started reading, I had to adjust to the author’s writing and I had to get familiar with Millie.  This can be said for a lot of books, you have to get in the mood and know who your characters are.  However, that being said, as I read I began to get to know Millie I felt so bad for her, she was hurting and High wouldn’t give her the time of day.  Kristen Ashley knew how to hook me, and I couldn’t put the book down.  It was hot and heavy between Millie and High, they both know what they are doing in the bedroom. There were times when I did stumble over some of the dialogue whenever the Chaos brotherhood was in the picture, because it was more biker talk, something this woman isn’t used to.  I loved how the women all banded together with a mission and were out to reunite the two lovers.  High was so rough and mean in the beginning I wanted him to drown in a lake, but as time healed old wounds he was a teddy bear to Millie. Kristen did great job writing and there were several lines that caught my attention and I loved and even stopped to read to my husband.  Even though the book was extremely hot and steamy, there was a lot of truth that was spoken and can be used when trying to make things work in a relationship.  I haven’t stopped talking to my friends about this book; because it’s such a great read I want them to enjoy it as well.  I’ll be reading more from Kristen in the future, that’s for sure.

*I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

*Contains Sexual Content and Adult Language*

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