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Miss Match (No Match for Love Book 1)

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After his father has passed away, leaving the title of CEO to him, Luke Ryder feels like his life is spinning out of control. Turning to alcohol to numb his pain and turning to all the wrong women to ease the emptiness in his heart, Luke tries really hard to get over the real problem that he has been dealing with for the last 8 years: Brooke.  His best friend Brooke is getting married to the perfect Italian and everyday it breaks his heart.  Brooke is so adamant about keeping their status as friends in tact that she’s written up a list of rules to keep Luke in the “friend” zone.  But things are starting to crumble in Brooke’s world.

Having an unfaithful father has left its mark on her and Brooke refuses to ever trust a player like Luke.  She needs someone like her fiancé in her life, strong and dependable.  However, when news hits that her dream job is about to be taken away she knows she must stand and make a fight.  Brooke is the top matchmaker at Toujour, but the numbers have been bleak for months and it’s time to turn them around or the company would fold.  The only solution is to bring in a high profile figure, and who better could that be that the rich, good looking bachelor, Luke Ryder.  Luke goes through the motions to help the love of his life succeed, but his true feelings are about to shine through and it’s time for his to stand up and fight for her and it’s time that Brooke knows his true feelings.  Sometimes the best thing we have is standing right in front of us and we just don’t know it.  Brooke must learn to let go of her fears and learn that she may be putting her love and trust in the wrong man.

I loved reading Miss Match.  It was great to watch a man fight so hard for the woman he loves, stumbling along the way because he is human, but not letting it slow him down.  The dialogue flowed easily and the story never slowed down.   Brooke and Luke were endearing and you couldn’t help but want to reach and grab Brooke and ask, “What are you doing?”  I like when the author has created such a great story that I can’t help but get captivated by the characters and I forget that I’m not in reality while I’m reading.   I love getting swept away into the fiction world of a sweet endearing romance.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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