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Buy: Between Heaven and Earth


Living life as normally as they can, Cassandra volunteers to coach her son’s soccer team where a small incident brings her in touch with Matt –whose wife has passed on and is trying desperately to raise his two young sons. Needing the companionship and friendship of another person brings these two closer. With complicated circumstances and the chance at a new love around the corner can Cassandra say goodbye to her husband and let him have the peace he needs?

I really loved this book, it had you thinking on so many levels. Pearl came to the rescue again in this book from the Power of the Matchmaker series. Once I started reading, I had to keep turning the pages-it kept me hooked from page one.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Buy: First Light (Forever After Series)

Everyday Adrielle works hard to please her mom and feels she is failing terribly.  They are starving as are all the people in the land with the continuous drought that has been plaguing the kingdom.  She listens to her father’s lessons and continues to do well at using herbs to help those that need help.  However, her world collapses around her when her mother and father both die within weeks of each other.  Unable to turn to her selfish and mean siblings, Adrielle is forced to take out on her own.  When she is picked up by a carriage and a strange woman, Adrielle learns quickly that there is more to this world than she knows.  She’s quickly introduced to magic, curses, and fairies.  The only dream she has is to get to Tallinyne and find her older lost sister, but there is an evil lurking and she must make the choice to save the kingdom her follow her heart.

I have always loved Michele Paige Holmes writing, but this book (I feel I say this with all of her writing) is my favorite!  I love fairy tales and this one mixes them all up into a great suspenseful read.  A mixture of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Bean Stalk and I feel even some Snow White is present in this book.  Michele is a magician when it comes to making words come alive and jump off the pages.  I definitely will be looking forward to the next book in the series.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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Buy from Amazon: A Midwinter Ball

Another Timeless Regency Collection, have you caught a theme yet? I LOVE anthologies and I LOVE regency romances!


Miss Analisa Lloyd-Jones may as well have the plague for as much attention as the men give her.  She sits as a constant wall flower at the dances, she’s become the running joke among the ladies, and men don’t even give her a second glance when in the same room as her.  Her plague comes with a name: Lord Northrup.  Lord Northrup has made it clear that while he is abroad traveling that Analisa is his, no man with any brains will touch her while he is away.  When he shows up unexpectedly at a party, Analisa is confused and angry.  Time may not have changed him and she’s not ready to give him a chance to prove his adoration.


Olivia Wallington lives with her sharp tongued mother and aunt, forced to endure hurtful jibes and withering glares.  Destined to live out her spinster life living in daydreams and quietly enduring the two strong women in her life, Olivia has all but given up hope.  When her brother comes home with his new wife and a promise to sneak her out of the house to enjoy a ball, Olivia feels that she may have a chance to build a new and everlasting memory to get her through the rest of her years.

AN INVITATION TO DANCE by Michele Paige Holmes

Living quietly alone in her home while her father travels and her dear mother has passed away, Lady Ella spends her days outdoors riding horses and enjoying the more unladylike activities.  When a stranger shows up on her doorstep with a request from her dead fiancé asking for her to join him in London, her curiosity is more than peaked.  Packing up her meager belongings, Ella makes the trip to London only to find that the rules of stuffy society are not what she enjoys.  With the help of Alex Darling, she learns that there are ways to have fun and escape the ton.


These are sweet regency romance novellas.  My favorite would be An Invitation to Dance by Michele Paige Holmes, and my least favorite would be Heidi Ashworth’s Much Ado About Dancing. I found the latter dragged and I couldn’t get into the characters or the dialogue.  I enjoyed Michele Page Holmes’ tale because the Tomboy, Ella, reminded me of myself and I found myself with a smile as I read her plight.  I do enjoy anthologies, they always give you a taste of a new author if you are not familiar with them and you get a chance to read more of the authors that you have come to love.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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Twelve Days in Christmas

Charlotte Holbrook lost her husband to a horrible accident at a mill, leaving her to care for her fifteen-month-old son on her own. While grieving for her own husband, who had passed on a short 5 months earlier, Charlotte was summoned to her sister’s side in New York. Her own sister had been recently widowed and would be entering into a marriage of convenience with William Vancer. To say William didn’t have any luck with fiancés, would be a huge understatement. When he hears that Marsali’s husband is still alive, a mere 2 hours before they were to say their vows, he fears that once again his luck has caught up with him. However, before all is lost and before William loses his last chance at securing an inheritance, Charlotte steps forward and agrees to the marriage.

Since Charlotte and William were practically strangers that were pushed together in an impromptu wedding, it was going to take time for them to actually get to know each other and learn to trust one another. Charlotte needed to learn that it was okay to love again and that she wouldn’t be betraying her late husband’s memory. William needed to learn that not all women were manipulative and thieves, like one former fiancé who ran off with his company’s secrets and eloped with another man the on their wedding day.

The couple learns trust, love and acceptance towards each other during a window of 12 days in which William had given himself time off. In these 12 days he wanted to court and care for his new wife, giving this new couple time to get to know the stranger who they had just married.

This novella follows the series Hearthfire Romance Series: Saving Grace, Loving Helen and Marrying Christopher. It is like a side companion to the other complete novels. This story follows after Marrying Christopher and is a quick read. I love reading stories that start out as a marriage of convenience and then grow to a deep love formed by a couple thrown together by circumstances beyond their control. Michele Paige Holmes is one of my favorite authors and this novella didn’t disappoint.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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Marrying Christopher

Saving Grace, Loving Helen, and Marrying Christopher has become one of my favorite series. A historical fiction with historical facts makes for a great story. I will say Christopher’s and Marsali’s story was my favorite of the three! Christopher and Marsali are both on a steamship headed to America, both with a different past but the same desire, to begin a new life on the new land. Marsali was escaping an evil Aunt and Uncle and Christopher leaving behind his sisters and their new husband’s to work the land and earn a place for himself. Marsali would be reaching America and starting a life as an indentured servant, not the best circumstance but anything would be far better than her abusive Aunt. While aboard the steamship Marsali and Christopher begin to have feelings for each other and, but a catastrophe may sabotage their relationship. The suspense in this story kept my reading late into the night, my poor husband kept getting out of bed looking for me. I loved the characters and the plot that Michele Paige Holmes has created. I was completely hooked from page one. I suggest anyone that loves a good clean romance read this series.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.