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A Kiss From Kringle

Leah Ward is very protective of her sister and her niece. So when her sister’s first day of work rolls around and her niece is sick Leah steps in and tries to keep her head low and blend in so the bosses won’t catch that she’s filling in. But the only thing that she’s filling in is her sister’s too small and tight elf suit, catching the eye of one of the bosses. Chris Kringle knows that the elf in front of him is one of the girls he’s hired, suspicious and a bit aroused by the sexy beauty he investigates a little further. Chris believes in Christmas magic and love at first sight and with Leah he gets a little of both he just has to get her to believe with him.

This short Novella is perfect for a quick getaway from your hustle and bustle. It was fun to see Leah squirm and try to explain why she’s there instead of her sister and see how she fought her attraction to the good looking Mr. Kringle. The story did move quite quickly, and you do need to be a believer in love at first sight to appreciate that romance that blossoms quickly in less than a day between Leah and Chris. It was a little bit of a stretch for me to see Chris fall so quickly, but that’s the joy of short stories, they don’t need to be realistic they just need to make me smile.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
*This book contains sexual content and is intended for a mature audience*

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