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Boston's Quest

Boston’s Quest is a continuation of DiSemblance, and in my opinion it must be read in order to fully understand all the characters, the machines being built and used, and the overall story line.  Boston is still struggling to figure out what she wants to do with her life, she knows she must keep her mother happy and follow her wishes in order to keep her sober.  However, Boston struggles with holding onto the “popular” image in order to please her mom, and being who she really is: a photographer, archer, and girlfriend to a gaming boy, stuck in the middle of a murder trial.

Jason is trying to survive day to day, with both parents dead and a brother that believes he murdered them, it hasn’t been very easy.  In order to go on, Jason keeps locked up in his room playing video games and inventing like his father counting down the days until the trial of the real psychopath who killed several people all in the name of research.  Boston and Jason struggle daily, but it has come to their attention that witnesses for the trial are beginning to disappear and Boston and Jason may not be far behind them.

I’m not a gamer, but this book is focused around the gaming world, the detail that the author has put into this is actually quite amazing.  Not being a gamer I was still able to follow the story and visually understand what I was reading.  My only real problem that I have with this book is because of the cliffhanger at the end is very frustrating.  The first book finished with all the loose ends cleaned up and didn’t leave you hanging with a lot of questions.   I’m one that does like my stories to be solved, and if they are in a series, each book can be written with a new problem that can be added onto the previous story, but each new problem solved before the ending.  It’s very frustrating that nothing was solved in this book and it ended without a real solution or conclusion. It ended with “The End” in the middle of nowhere. Very frustrating.

*I Received a Free ECopy of this Book in Exchange for an Honest Review*

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Detective Bruce Durante is the lead homicide detective in the “Comfort Killer” case and is very determined to bring down the suspect that is killing patients that have been diagnosed as terminally ill and have gone missing only to turn up in dead in a coffin 3 weeks later. He’s surprised and very doubtful when the killer changes his motive and a young woman is killed and the killer has thought to be caught red handed after a shoot out. Determined to find the truth Bruce sets out to solve this case while trying to keep his new marriage intact.

Jason and Isaac, brothers that are home schooled by their very protective and secretive father, are content to live their life cut off from the rest of the world in their home. The boys live vicariously through a hologram machine, living out any scenario that they can dream of. Whether it be hooking up with girls in a bar, playing cards with their dead mother, or surfing in the ocean, as long as they keep their secret and not tell a soul they can continue to live this life. While Isaac lives in his little world pretending that his mother is alive, Jason gets out every morning to go for a jog and feed an injured fox. Jason is only slightly older than Isaac but he takes responsibility and is mature in all his actions. Balancing their bills and caring for his brother while his Dad keeps disappearing. Jason accidentally forms a friendship with Boston, the neighbor girl who has been secretly taking photographs of him, and Isaac is enthralled with her starts to create a character in her likeness for the hologram machine.

One fateful day brings Bruce, Jason and Boston in the same circle. Accusing Jason’s dad of being the Comfort Killer, Bruce has made himself an enemy to the boys. Seeing no other option but to disappear, Jason and Isaac take off with Boston only to be kidnapped and Bruce may be the only man willing to find the truth and learn to decipher between reality and fantasy. Someone is using the hologram as a weapon and killing others and framing the innocent to create a world where they can live forever.

I don’t read this genre very often, but I’m really glad that I chose to read this one. I finished another book and had a little time to spare before I needed to go to bed. I started reading the first page and didn’t go to bed until I finished the last page! I was hooked. The way the author changed the point of view between characters helped keep the fast pace. I was never bored and it held my full attention. You definitely need to keep your wits about you as you read because there is a lot going on and you the reader don’t know whether you have been drawn into reality or if you are now stuck in the hologram machine. Hats off to the author for writing such a fun book, with so much going on I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I will be reading the next book in the series soon.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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