Mending Hearts

Immersed in pain, Candice is counting down the days that her name and Logan’s are removed from the adoption list. Once that period of their life has come and gone, she can finally complete the divorce papers, putting an end to their marriage. Separated from his wife, Logan wants nothing more than to have her back, and he means to fight for her. Through patience, perseverance, and through love this couple will see if they have what it takes to save their marriage.

Immediately I was hooked to this book. Every couple has their ups and downs, marriages fail, and trials happen. It’s what makes us stronger, but some trials are too hard and they break us or our loved ones. Candice wanted so badly to be a mom, but wanted to give her husband the opportunity to be a Dad and she felt like she failed them both. Unable to pull out of the hurt and depression, she felt the only option was separation. Logan was left with so many questions of what he could have done better to save his marriage. Logan decided to woo his wife, and help her fall in love all over again. I cheered these two on they began courting each other all over again: during the snow ball fights, the flirting jabs at one another, and the hot smoldering looks and kisses they shared. Kimberly Krey wrote a fabulous story. I can’t wait to try the other books in the series.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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