Days Of Future Past

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Days of Future Past

As a family therapist, Ann Hart seems to have all the answers for her patients, but she never seems to have the answers for herself. Her husband, Alex has been missing for years. One night he answered a phone call asking for his help in finding a plane that had gone down in the mountains, he never returned. Ann has never lost hope that he is still alive and still out there trying to find his way home. After a 6.8 earthquake that shakes Southern California, Ann’s life begins to take a turn. Cleaning up the mess in her home, Ann is flooded with memories of her husband and her ex-fiancé, Ted McConaughy. Strange occurrences and messages start to show up in her husband’s office and then out of nowhere, Ted shows up to a session for traumatized victims of the earthquake and vehemently accuses Ann of being a witch.

Ted McConaughy, a trauma therapist and a single father raising 16 year old Sara Jane, finds his life taking a strange turn after the earthquake. Blackouts start occurring, he loses track of time, and finds himself in different places with no recollection of what happened. He has no memory of accusing Ann of witchcraft, only that he knows that she is now back in his life after breaking up with him 20 years before. With help from a colleague, Ted turns to Ann for help in hypnotherapy to try to answer for his blackouts.

Through time and patience, Ann and Ted try to piece together the lives of two men that have seem to take over Ted’s life. How could they explain the reincarnation of a man from Scotland and a judge from the Salem Witch Trials? Over time Ann must find it in herself to let go of Alex and learn to trust Ted once again, and rekindle the love they once shared.

In the beginning, I was extremely confused about the characters; I felt the author made a huge mistake in switching the characters names mid-chapter. One minute there is Ann and Edward as the main characters, and then it’s Toni and Ted, and then we are back to Ann and Ted. I was so frustrated that I didn’t want to finish the book. I wanted to put it down and reach for another. After a day or two of letting it sit, I finally decided to give it another chance. I was able to eventually get into the story. I found myself looking forward to the times when Ted’s former lives started coming forward and enjoyed the Scotsman’s flirtatious personality. I was happy to find a book where the main character struggled with finding forgiveness and learning to trust again.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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