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Isabel Antunes doesn’t think it could get any worse after she gets plowed into by a careless man on a bike, until she finds out that the man that just ran her to the ground has just been hired by her boss to be her assistant. The only solace that Isabel finds is writing to her long time best friend and pen pal “Elliot.”

When Simon Ackerley, aka Elliot, hit the woman on the street he had no idea that he’d be hitting not only his new colleague, but also long time pen pal, “Amélie”. After the accident and the chance discovery of a letter in his handwriting in her possession, Simon knows he’s started off on the wrong foot if he’s going to win over Isabel after he’s spent all these years waiting to meet her.

This was a short easy clean read that didn’t take much thought-just sit back and enjoy. With a little mystery and sweet romance it was fun to read.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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