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Buy: King of the Friend Zone

When Esme created her list for the perfect man she found him in her new fiancé and she couldn’t be happier.  Life could not be going any better, the only problem?  Whenever her boyfriends have met her best friend in the past, they tend to take off…running.  A little worried that would happen with this fiancé, Esme has not introduced Jon (the fiancé) to Hunter (the boyfriend).  However, time has come that she has to face the inevitable and introduce the two.  The biggest problem that the boys have with Hunter is that he’s a H-O-T. A gorgeous strong incredible looking man and to top it off he’s a fireman, yep ladies he’s a real winner.

Jon says, “Oh Hell No!”

Now Esme must choose between her lifelong best friend or the man’s she’s going to marry.  There’s one little, I mean big glitch: Hunter has admitted to being in love with Esme and Esme has been banned from contacting Hunter at all.  Will this end everything that Hunter and Esme have ever had together or will this love be strong enough for Esme to be brave enough to go for him?

This is another book in the Power of the Matchmaker Series, but as with all the other books it could be read alone, it is fun however to read all the books and know the background of the cute Pearl that makes her appearance to push these couples along .  I’ve loved reading Sheralyn Pratt’s books.  She makes me laugh, she makes me scowl, and she makes me cheer for the characters.  She knows how to create a beautiful romance with the right about of conflict and is great at adding a little suspense to her stories.

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Buy: Between Heaven and Earth


Living life as normally as they can, Cassandra volunteers to coach her son’s soccer team where a small incident brings her in touch with Matt –whose wife has passed on and is trying desperately to raise his two young sons. Needing the companionship and friendship of another person brings these two closer. With complicated circumstances and the chance at a new love around the corner can Cassandra say goodbye to her husband and let him have the peace he needs?

I really loved this book, it had you thinking on so many levels. Pearl came to the rescue again in this book from the Power of the Matchmaker series. Once I started reading, I had to keep turning the pages-it kept me hooked from page one.

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Buy: Chasing Fireflies (Power of the Matchmaker)

As a child her life had been mapped out for her, or so it seemed.  When the small mysterious woman tells her to search for her one true love named Paul, Savannah knows she must search the world for him.  With a chance to travel to China to keep looking, she jumps on it.  Once in China, she finds her true love: Paul.  However, things don’t go quite as planned and before she knows it, Savannah is falling in love with the handsome chef: Julian-and he’s not Paul!!  Torn on whether she should listen to her heart or listen to the words of a woman from so many years ago.  She may just lose the one man who could love and show her the kindness that no man named Paul has ever done.

I can’t explain how much I loved this book.  I kept telling my husband and my friend how great it was, to find a character that could some up my personality.  I’ve tried so many times and here comes Savannah and she explains who I am.  Taylor Dean, the author, has a beautiful way with words.  I devoured this book. Reading passages and highlighting so many things that she wrote and hit spot on.  This has been my favorite Power of the Matchmaker books by far.

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Buy from Amazon: Broken Things to Mend

Broken Things to Mend is part of a series, but is a Stand-Alone novel.

Celia has had a very hard life. Her mother died of an overdose; she’s been through the foster care, and is now a victim of rape. Trying to hold onto her good memories, Celia opens a map and narrows down the possibilities of finding a new place to settle down, to get away from it all and start fresh. Oregon is calling her name, with her suitcase and a backpack with her meager belongings she gets on the bus and drives west. Not knowing that a little feisty matchmaker has a man waiting for her in Sisters, Oregon.

Pearl, the matchmaker, is determined not to give up. She doesn’t care how many times she makes Silas drive her out of his way. She knows Celia is coming on the bus and she knows Silas and Celia are meant for each other. They just need to be given a push in the right direction, but first they need to meet first. Silas is quiet and rarely talks, embarrassed with his stuttering and Celia has a past to hide, and is not ready to trust the people of Sisters. But with time, patience, and understanding the most precious of things that are broken can be mended.

I enjoyed this book immensely, it was clean and showed how quick people are to judge but are willing to learn how to put aside their prejudices to accept those around them. Celia is a very strong individual that has made a good life for herself, even with the horrible hand she’s been dealt in life. Silas learns to love Celia, no matter what her past was. The story was very easy to read and just flowed smoothly. I was able to read it in one afternoon, not wanting to put it down.

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Buy from Amazon: Danny’s Girl

When Officer Danny Sherwood got the call that there was an individual traveling at dangerous high speeds, he didn’t realize that when he pulled the suspect over that he would be meeting a woman that would change his life. Manon DuPre is taking no chances and driving as fast as she can to get away from the monster that controls her life and leaves bruises and broken bones in his fury. Afraid for her life, she begs the officer to hide her; afraid her ex-boyfriend would show up any minute and follow through with his threats of killing her. Frightened with nowhere else to turn, Manon couldn’t have chosen a better place to stumble on. With a town full of loving friends willing to protect the new stranger that has come into their lives, and they themselves are no stranger to hiding out and changing their identities to start a new life. Manon takes a new job at a café, changes her name to Mandy Black and finds herself drawn to the officer who has sworn to protect. Full of insecurities and mistrusting it’ll take a village and a few well-placed friends to help Manon discover who she really is and what she has to offer.

This is the second book that I have read in the Rainbow Rock Romances series and I was familiar with some of the back stories. You are able to read these books on their own, but it is fun to read the different stories of each of the characters. Susan Aylworth writes a good clean romance and does a great job and developing the characters and bringing them through tough circumstances and helps them to trust and love again.

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Amazon: Man of Her Dreams

Lindsay Swanson doesn’t have much time for the dating scene, and even if she did her luck in that department is leaving her with a batting average of a big fat zero. Lindsay owns her own renovation business, she’s very talented at envisioning and creating any project that comes her way. From start to finish-she does it all. She lives a quiet life at her home in her small town of Ravenwood and by word of mouth her company does exceptionally well at bringing in new customers.

Jared Kane is a well known author with several books on the New York Best Sellers list. Trying to take a little break from the crazy hustle and bustle of New York, where nobody cares who you are or what you do, Jared moves to Ravenwood. With his good fortune, he learns that he’s living next to a very beautiful woman who just happens to renovate homes, and he is living in an old home that definitely could use some tender loving care.


Sparks start to fly the moment these two run into each other at the grocery store and Lindsay steals his loaf of bread. With a little determination and the help of a misplaced notebook complete with a list of Lindsay’s dream man, Jared starts using his charm to worm his way into her heart. When it comes to light that he’s been using her list, she instantly become suspicious of his intentions and Jared must work fast to prove his love before he loses her.


A very cute and clean romance! I am new to Sue Barr’s writing, but I’m glad I was given the opportunity to review her book. The characters of the small town of Ravenwood could be in any small town, my town included. With small town gossip, high school drama that you never outgrow, and small town softball rivalries it fit my town perfectly. It’s fun to be able to put your feet up and enjoy a good clean romance that still can get the heart pumping fast with the steamy yet clean make out session. I’ll put this author right up there with Kimberly Krey: good clean writing with some steamy and fun action.


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The Mariposa Hotel

It’s no secret that I read a lot, so when I get my hands on anthologies, I’m thrilled because I get several stories in one book; it’s like a treat to this book-a-holic.  Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson and Heather B. Moore each spin a wonderful, clean and inspirational romantic tale.  The Mariposa Hotel is a great read because it takes three separate characters and connects them in one beautiful hotel complete with a beautiful three-hundred-year-old wishing well brought from Mexico.  With a toss of a coin and a well placed wish, three couples find true love.

Ghost of 913

Mari is working as a hotel maid trying to work her way through college in order to attend law school and she gets the lucky job of cleaning room 913.  She’s lucky because it’s as if the occupant is a ghost, leaving not even a fingerprint behind.  Lucky for Mari, her “ghost” is living and happens to be a very good looking U.S. Marshal.  Grant helps protect witnesses in the Witness Protection Program; he is very organized and pays attention to detail.  When he discovers that Mari is just as detail oriented as him, and she’s beautiful, he perks up and pays attention.  Still trying to pick up the pieces from her previous marriage, Mari is a little leery of the secretive man that is working his way into her heart, and unless he starts to open up Grant will find her walking away.

Butterfly Kiss

The surfers love the waves at Seashell Beach and as a professional photographer Ridely goes where the waves are good.  He just happens to live in Seashell Beach and gets to enjoy the patrons of the Mariposa Hotel.  His friend, who runs the hotel, finds himself short a concierge, and Ridely volunteers to step in to help.  As luck would have it, a beautiful woman steps through the door and instantly catches his eye.  However, his mind becomes clouded with judgments and Ridley finds he’s making mistake after mistake with Brooke and realizes that she may be more than just a weekend fling.  Brooke is swept off her feet by the good looking concierge, as their whirlwind relationship starts to blossom it comes clear that Ridely is hiding something and he’s not just a concierge after all.

Dreams Come True

Regean holds down a very stressful job as hotel events manager, but she enjoys every minute of it and wouldn’t have it any other way.  When it’s time for a charity gala for KC Woods, a Hollywood producer, she does what she does best and prepares for it.  However, KC just happens to have a very bossy and secretive assistant who demands on chocolate covered strawberries and a shared room waiting for them.  Regean must learn to look past her preconceived opinions and open up to the possibility of dating KC Woods and maybe she’ll realize that there is more to a story that what meets the eye.

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Pandora (Goddesses & Geeks Book 1)

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Blake Wells is not your typical politician, he’s a good man that stands by his word and wants nothing more than to help the people and protect his country. He hasn’t let the people on Capitol Hill corrupt him, he’s a congressional representative that has continued to work hard and stay honest. Elections are coming up again and he’s doing his best to attend the meet and greets, makes speeches, and he attends political parties. Unfortunately, he’s trying to attend those parties with a so-called “date” on his arm, and he’s fed up with the phony women oozing high-pitched falseness out of their condescending mouths. Like leaches, they attach themselves to his arms and spit venom at any approaching woman, indicating that they are staking claim on him. Congressman Wells keeps his head down and works hard, and it takes exceptionally well-trained and hardworking staff to keep up with him as well as help him to lift his head up and take a well-deserved breath. Georgia Dawson, his Chief of Staff, means to do just that, she is sending Blake on a mini-vacation to get a life and take his head away from the game for a few days.

Their plans involve the sunny and sandy beaches of Nassau. Rider, another staff member can’t be more scared for Blake’s life with this proposal. Rider is a sweet kid that has hair-brained ideas about conspiracy theories, aliens, and ghosts. There isn’t a worse place for Blake to travel to, than a vacation spot smack dab in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Shaking off the crazy kids rants, Blake takes off for a working vacation. As soon as the plane lands, he leaves behind his phone and sets up camp on the beach ready to enjoy the peace and quiet while lounging in the sun’s rays. That’s when a vision meets his eye, Cressida Anesidora Ianthe Olympia Demetria Admeta Hephastidus, aka Cressida. When Cressida walks in, Blake’s luck walks out.

This begins the story of Cressida and Blake. I was completely spell bound by this book. The words and dialogue flowed smoothly. The romance between Cressida and Blake came quickly, but the real substance of their story came with the series of events that took Blake’s charmed life to a life surrounded in bad luck, which directly affected his campaign and his chances at reelection. You didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for him, but he had such strong character that he never let it affect him. He took one bad thing after another and turned it around to make it seem like a minuscule bump in the road. I turned the pages as quickly as I could read them. Pandora is brimming with all the makings of a great book: humor, romance, intrigue, kidnapping, and courage. I will definitely be reading the other books in this series.

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Cassie's Cowboy Crave

When Cassie was called to be a juror in the high profile case, she had no idea that she would be running for her life when the guilty verdict had been reached. Cassie was enjoying a meal with her best friends laughing and joking over a romance novel complete with a sexy cowboy on the cover, when she was whisked away by a detective and hauled off to Montana under witness protection, with the news that fellow jurors were being hunted and killed by the defendant’s family, the Lawson brothers. When her plane touched down in Montana and she was handed off to one gorgeous man, she thought life couldn’t get crazier, but life with this cowboy was anything but calm and normal.

Shane couldn’t be more irate; a stupid bet with his brothers had him driving to the airport to pick up yet another stray for the ranch. His family thought it was some kind of joke that they could trap him into a fake marriage to protect another woman that was being sent to their ranch in the witness protection program. He didn’t have time for this, he had a ranch to run and he didn’t need a woman underfoot. He knew his brothers had lucked out with the program and both had gotten smoking hot wives out of the deal, but what were the chances that he would have the same luck? As he drove up to the airport and saw the detective and the gorgeous woman in tow, he realized that maybe luck was on his side.

The chemistry was strong between Cassie and Shane, but was it the right time for either of them? Shane had just broken up with his girlfriend after he had proposed and she turned him down flat with ideas of making it big in the city. Cassie was in a strained long distance relationship with her boyfriend. Yet, neither one of them could ignore the passion between them and neither one could deny the feelings that went beyond the physical needs.

Of the three books in the series, this had to be my favorite. Cassie’s parents abandoned her long ago to live with her now deceased grandmother, so they could travel and give aide to “developing” countries. Her boyfriend took off to another country with a promise he would be back, a promise that had yet to be fulfilled. Cassie was used to being left on her own and never complained once about it, it was her life and that’s how it was supposed to be. Shane couldn’t wrap his head around this concept, his family was close they relied on each other and the love was strong. His concern for Cassie is so sweet and he wants to care for like she should be cared for. Cassie just wants to make sure that she isn’t a burden to anyone and she doesn’t want anyone’s pity. She’s so sweet and strong that you can’t help admire her, it makes you realize that you want to be like her: strong, independent, and yet still tender-not soured by the hand dealt to her. The scenes in the book are steamy and leave your heart pounding, but they never cross the line, it’s the perfect amount of romance and physical desire. Kimberly Krey writes a good story, and never disappoints. I will continue to look for her books and can’t wait to get my hands on her next one.

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Jade's Cowboy Crush

All Jade wanted to do that night was finish her shift and get home to her son, she didn’t expect to witness the brutal gunning down of her colleague when she was doing a mundane chore of bringing out the trash. After witnessing the murder and coming face to face with the murderer, Jade was now under the protection of the state until the trial date. Going into witness protection wasn’t on her list of things to do, but she had no choice and that meant packing up her son and heading out to the ranches of Montana with a stranger.

Gavin had a good job in construction; he had a past he wanted to stay clear from and wanted to keep his nose clean. When he received a call from back home stating they needed his help transporting and protecting a witness, he all but threw the phone in response. There was no way he was going back to his family after not talking to his father for 8 years. All he wanted was to get what was rightfully his and wash his hands of everybody. His family was persistent and Gavin found himself driving to the meeting point of the witness.

Pretending to be married with a little boy, Gavin and Jade ride off to Montana and await the trial. Both Gavin and Jade are independent, stubborn and happy with their lives. They don’t need the chemistry and sparks that are flying between them, but they can only ignore their feelings for so long. Slowly giving into the feelings of desire, Gavin and Jade find themselves happy and enjoying each other’s company in Montana, but that all changes when Gavin’s past sneaks up on them and threatens everything that they’ve built between the two of them.

Jade’s Cowboy Crush contains smoking hot and spicy scenes. I love how this book and the other books that I have read by Kimberly Krey give you the steamy romantic scenes without crossing over the line. A strong story line with strong characters kept me hooked from the first page. I love Kimberly’s writing and look forward to reading more of her books.

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