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With a life full of wrong choices and a growing list of women used and thrown to the side, Branson King seems to have hit rock bottom.  It doesn’t help that he’s been targeted by a dryad, Aurianna, to pay for the death of her grandmother after he crashed his car into a tree killing her.   Aurianna has been shunned by the other dryads, and in order to earn her place back with them, she must kill Branson.  After the two meet, it seems that the heart has something else in store for them.  Can they turn their back on the spark that they feel and go against everybody and everything that they are told or believe?


There is a lot of information that is given in the beginning of the book and I struggled for a little bit trying to figure out what was going on.  I stuck with it and then wasn’t able to stop reading once it started making sense.  If you take the time to get through the rough start, it’s worth reading.


I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Robyn Wise spends her free time trying to cure werewolves and fighting evil genies, as a paranormal expert nothing is too bizarre for her. With a ghost as a roommate and two wizards as her best friends, Robyn seems to always need backup when she’s putting her life on the line. When she gets the call to help a politician’s son from turning into a tree she knows she must accept the assignment and enter into a darker world of magic, then even she’s prepared for. Wizard Councils and Evil Soul Eating Abominations are about to be just a few of her worries.

This book had so much potential and I was excited to read it, but I felt let down. It took me longer than I would like to read this shorter book, the book dragged on and I would put it down either out of frustration, boredom, or just the feeling of being lost and confused at what was happening. Even after finishing it, I couldn’t tell you who all the players were or what they did outside the few main characters. Robyn Wise didn’t know if she was 25 or 15, the way she acted or spoke. When she’s chased by a werewolf it’s as if we are inside the head of a gum chewing, hair twirling valley girl, and I wanted to stop reading right then, but I forced myself to keep going. The plot and story line were there, but the delivery just fell short. To say the least, I was disappointed.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for honest review*
*Book does contain explicit language*

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Vienna Avery is intent on exposing the government’s true motive behind the creation of robots and their sudden release of their creation into the public. However, there is one thing that is stopping her, she has no idea what the motives are. She just knows they are up to no good, but it’s hard to convince the public on a hunch. To make matters worse, her own mother has bought one. Vienna’s family is now proud owners of a French cooking robot. When Vienna doesn’t think things could get any worse after taking a swing at the metal contraption, she’s taken aside by a strange man with brilliant green eyes and warned her life is in danger. Life gets even crazier when Vienna discovers that robots have emotions and are practically human in every way, even capable of feeling and showing love. It’s a secret that is worth killing over, and Vienna finds herself on the run with a very strange group of individuals that call themselves a family, but the metal inside of them says differently.

I was really excited to read this book when the cover caught my eye and then I read the summary I was even more thrilled. However, I felt like I was getting bits and pieces of the story. Some parts of the story were described in detail, where other bits were just thrown at me in jagged pictures. I really liked the story line, but when I finished the last page, I felt lost and actually had the thought, “What just happened?” I really don’t think it was a smooth reading, which I’m really disappointed because I had high expectations and hopes for this one. I’m hoping it’s just this book, because I would like to give the author another shot.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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