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By Joan Johnston

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Montana Bride (Bitter Creek) by Joan Johnston

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Shot by an arrow and abandoned, Hetty finds herself at the mercy of an unlikely quartet of misfits. A prostitute aka mail-order bride, two children pretending to be hers, and a wise Chinese man full of advice from Confucius and they are all on the way to meet up with Karl Norwood-poor man didn’t know what was about to hit him.  Hetty didn’t realize the fun was just getting started.  When Karl’s “sweet” mail-order bride finds karma is swift and just and plummets off the side of a cliff, Hetty must make a decision that will save two orphans and maybe even herself, all she must do is step in and become a widowed mother of two. How hard could it be?

Right away Karl knows something is amiss when he meets up with the group.  First, how could this young lady be the mother of two children, that were obviously older than what the letters had stated.  Furthermore, these children had different fathers and looked nothing like this stunningly beautiful woman.  Not willing to let the beauty walk away, he decides to play their little charade and see how it went, not realizing he might just fall in love along the way.

I stumbled across this book at my favorite used bookstore, and I absolutely fell in love with the characters and the author.  I love it when I find a new author that takes me on a journey through her writing.  From page one I was instantly swept away, becoming more and more involved with the characters and their dilemmas, cheering them on when they stumbled. Watching the “plain” Karl transform into the dashing young man that Hetty couldn’t help to fall in love with.  I can’t wait to buy other books by Joan Johnston, she is an author I would recommend to my friends.



The Villian

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Left alone to care for her younger brother and sister, Rosemary Mayfield is determined to make a life for them out in the wilds of the west. With her parent’s death after a robbery gone badly, Rosemary takes Benjamin and Emily to the home where they were to live and starts a new life with them. A city girl from New York City couldn’t be more lost. However, fate seems to have a different plan in store for the little family when a very large and very hairy man falls injured through their roof. Deciding to care for the stranger may put the family at risk or might find them a guardian to help protect them and teach them the ways of the west.

When Nicolas Ekkridon wakes up to the sight of the three orphans, immediately he knows that no good can come of this, because he had a hand in the fateful robbery that killed their parents. As a time traveler Nicolas has lived many different lives and has been in several different eras and countries. He’s a tough man and has a past that would make rule living Rosemary shrink away. They are forced to live under one roof and make a life together in the Wild West.

This was a very different read for me, I received the book a while ago and I didn’t read the back synopsis so I was a little surprised when time travel came into the story. It was a very quick read and actually very entertaining, there was suspense and murder and mystery, and of course some time travel. May Nicole Abbey had a strong woman and an even stronger man as the main characters and they kept the story moving quickly. A very fun time travel story.

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I Am Delilah

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Delilah, a country girl living in New York, is saving every penny she earns from her job as a nanny.  She’s trying to earn enough money so she can marry her high-school sweetheart back in her hometown in Bigfork, Montana.  However, a walk with her little charge lands Delilah smack dab in the middle of the biggest Hollywood story that America has seen in a long time.  With the press hot on her heels, Delilah is forced to give up her job and return home to Montana and goes into hiding.  The only problem?  She’s not alone.

Sam Hendricks, is drop dead gorgeous and America’s favorite actor.  He’s taken it upon himself to free a girl from her boring life every year and become her modern day fairy god mother.  Makeovers, spas, and luxurious retreats for the girl of his choosing and then a trip down the red carpet as his date.  Every girl’s dream come true…well every girl except for Deliliah.   Determined to save face after a very public and humility rejection, Sam follows Delilah back to her home town to try to make amends, but life as a country boy is not on his list of strong points.

I really enjoyed this book by Josi S. Kilpack.  It’s not your typical romance and the banter between the two had me laughing.  As a country girl I couldn’t help but laugh at poor Sam Hendricks trying to master the technique of farming in a small two week time frame.  I could definitely understand and could relate to Delilah’s frustration and the constant need to roll her eyes at the city boy that is used to being coddled and babied.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting a fun cute modern day romance.

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Meg, a successful artist and business woman, has been living in Colorado in a going-nowhere-dead-end relationship.  Looking for a break and a chance to relive the traditions of her late Mother, she takes off to Montana to help her father with processing grapes.  The county fair is known for its auctioning off ranch hands to help farmers out for a week, giving them that extra hand to get things finished up for the season.  When Meg saw the gorgeous hunk, Jake Billings, up for bid she couldn’t stop herself from yelling out and winning him for the week.  In one short week, Meg realizes there’s more to her relationship with the ranch hand than their ever could be with the commitment-phobia man she has back home.  Now she just has to make a choice: jump at the chance for something new and lasting or stay safe in something that she knows but it’s not going anywhere?

I have read several of Kimberly Krey’s books and I will be the first to jump on any new books that she has.  She is, by far, my favorite author.   Once again, she’s created a short romantic novella that has captured everything that makes a great romance. Strong characters, engaging conversation and there’s never a dull moment.  Her writing just keeps flowing.  I enjoyed reading Ranch Hand for Auction and will be recommending to my friends.

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Independent, stubborn and hardworking are the words that come to mind when you start describing Storm. She’s going to need all those characteristics if she’s going to keep her ranch and not lose it to the bank. Already behind on last year’s payments, Storm is going to have to beg the bank for an extension after she’s fallen victim to the cattle rustling that has been affecting all the ranchers around her. When things couldn’t seem to get any worse, she’s given the news that her ranch hand has been died in a car accident, but new evidence shows that it may not have not been an accident at all. Without a choice but to bite back pride, she must turn to her neighbor Dak-who also suffers from the same characteristics that Storm does. Dak must get past his judgmental tendencies and reach out to the woman who might just find him happiness again.

The author did a great job writing and describing the country side and the beautiful art that Storm created. However, I was a little hung up on how stubborn Storm was and how judgmental Dak was towards Storm. It really made me mad how far wrong Dak was and how he thought it was necessary to tattle tale. Storm was so stubborn that she really kept getting the wrong ideas and turning everything against those trying to help her. The two were so aggravating that I just want to yell at them to get over it and move on. That being my only dislike of the book, it was an easy read and was entertaining.

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Scarred Hearts

Nathan Longley is a gunfighter, and he is used to being on his own and answering to no one. He has been hired to track down the Bowler Gang, who murdered and raped a bank owner’s daughter, when things go bad and Nathan ends up taking a chest full of bullets. Claire is used to taking in strays and fixing them, so when Nathan Longley stumbles onto her property full of bullet holes and half dead, Claire does what she does best and fixes more than just Nathan’s wounds. Claire has taken in an orphaned baby boy, an orphaned fox, and an orphaned bear cub and now she can add a cynical hardened man to her growing list of people that need her love and care. She is a tough woman and survived a horrible accident leaving her scarred and often publicly ridiculed. This doesn’t stop her from caring for everyone around her even if it means that she could be hurt protecting those that need her. When Nathan wakes up in Claire’s home, and hears her singing he had no idea that he life was about to change and he’s about to find that there is love in his heart and he will find that he will do anything to protect the new family that has wedged their way into his life.

I was introduced to the Sand Hill Romance series when I read the second book, which could be read alone, but realized that I really wanted to hear Claire’s story. Billi Tiner is amazing at writing a beautiful romance. The men of Sand Hill are the men of many women’s dreams. They know how to take care and protect their women. In my mind, they are some of the most swoon worthy gentleman. I can’t wait to read Wounded Hearts, the 3rd book.

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*Contains Sexual Content*

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Second Chance Hearts

Rachel Somerfield was living at Whitman’s Home for Orphaned Girls when she found love.  Matthew Compton swept her off her feet and promised to love her, marry her and take her away from the orphanage and New York City.  She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to find a man that loved her and wanted to marry her as soon as he could get her down the aisle.  They were going to start a new life as husband and wife and he would be able to take care of them with his new banking job.  However, Rachel’s luck didn’t hold out for long.  Rachel’s dream man turned into a complete nightmare and Rachel was on her own on the streets of Kansas City with nowhere to turn except the local brothel which promised her a job. Working as a housekeeper, Rachel made a name for herself with the ladies.  She earned their respect and the admiration, they want to help her succeed and get out of Kansas City.   With their assistance, she was able to get a teaching job in Sand Hill.  Rachel’s luck was about to change, because the people of Sand Hill were amazing and full of love for the single woman that stepped out of the carriage.

Claire and Mary were not strangers to hardship or hard work and they had made a good life for their families in Sand Hill.  When they met the frightened young woman who answered their ad, they knew it was their responsibility to take her in and help her find her way.  Even if it meant marrying her off as quickly as they could to the town’s sheriff, Chance Scott.  A whirlwind courtship began between Chance and Rachel and it looked like love was about to blossom.  Before the day came when Chance and Rachel would say their “I Do’s” Matthew Compton entered Rachel’s life once more.  Rachel’s and Chance’s life became a threatening game of cat and mouse.

Being new to Billi Tiner’s writing, I was a little apprehensive when I started reading Second Chance Hearts.  I didn’t know what to expect with the writing style, the content, or the characters.  To say that I fell in love from the start is an understatement.  Rachel is so young, naïve and in love and you just watch her take her life one step at a time, new to the world outside of the orphanage.  You can’t help but fall in love with her and the people of Sand Hill.  Sand Hill is a small tight knit community that stands by and helps a young woman in need without the usual judgments that come with a small town.   Chance Scott is a decent man ready to step in and marry a stranger just so he can help her, being a perfect gentleman.  Claire has a story of her own, and she takes it upon herself to bring those in that struggle and help them survive and be strong.  I can’t say enough good things about this book.  Not only was the romance so sweet, but then you are hit with suspense and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.  What a remarkable book, I’m so glad that I was introduced to Billi Tiner.  I can’t wait to read Scarred Hearts, the first book in this series.


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Cassie's Cowboy Crave

When Cassie was called to be a juror in the high profile case, she had no idea that she would be running for her life when the guilty verdict had been reached. Cassie was enjoying a meal with her best friends laughing and joking over a romance novel complete with a sexy cowboy on the cover, when she was whisked away by a detective and hauled off to Montana under witness protection, with the news that fellow jurors were being hunted and killed by the defendant’s family, the Lawson brothers. When her plane touched down in Montana and she was handed off to one gorgeous man, she thought life couldn’t get crazier, but life with this cowboy was anything but calm and normal.

Shane couldn’t be more irate; a stupid bet with his brothers had him driving to the airport to pick up yet another stray for the ranch. His family thought it was some kind of joke that they could trap him into a fake marriage to protect another woman that was being sent to their ranch in the witness protection program. He didn’t have time for this, he had a ranch to run and he didn’t need a woman underfoot. He knew his brothers had lucked out with the program and both had gotten smoking hot wives out of the deal, but what were the chances that he would have the same luck? As he drove up to the airport and saw the detective and the gorgeous woman in tow, he realized that maybe luck was on his side.

The chemistry was strong between Cassie and Shane, but was it the right time for either of them? Shane had just broken up with his girlfriend after he had proposed and she turned him down flat with ideas of making it big in the city. Cassie was in a strained long distance relationship with her boyfriend. Yet, neither one of them could ignore the passion between them and neither one could deny the feelings that went beyond the physical needs.

Of the three books in the series, this had to be my favorite. Cassie’s parents abandoned her long ago to live with her now deceased grandmother, so they could travel and give aide to “developing” countries. Her boyfriend took off to another country with a promise he would be back, a promise that had yet to be fulfilled. Cassie was used to being left on her own and never complained once about it, it was her life and that’s how it was supposed to be. Shane couldn’t wrap his head around this concept, his family was close they relied on each other and the love was strong. His concern for Cassie is so sweet and he wants to care for like she should be cared for. Cassie just wants to make sure that she isn’t a burden to anyone and she doesn’t want anyone’s pity. She’s so sweet and strong that you can’t help admire her, it makes you realize that you want to be like her: strong, independent, and yet still tender-not soured by the hand dealt to her. The scenes in the book are steamy and leave your heart pounding, but they never cross the line, it’s the perfect amount of romance and physical desire. Kimberly Krey writes a good story, and never disappoints. I will continue to look for her books and can’t wait to get my hands on her next one.

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Jade's Cowboy Crush

All Jade wanted to do that night was finish her shift and get home to her son, she didn’t expect to witness the brutal gunning down of her colleague when she was doing a mundane chore of bringing out the trash. After witnessing the murder and coming face to face with the murderer, Jade was now under the protection of the state until the trial date. Going into witness protection wasn’t on her list of things to do, but she had no choice and that meant packing up her son and heading out to the ranches of Montana with a stranger.

Gavin had a good job in construction; he had a past he wanted to stay clear from and wanted to keep his nose clean. When he received a call from back home stating they needed his help transporting and protecting a witness, he all but threw the phone in response. There was no way he was going back to his family after not talking to his father for 8 years. All he wanted was to get what was rightfully his and wash his hands of everybody. His family was persistent and Gavin found himself driving to the meeting point of the witness.

Pretending to be married with a little boy, Gavin and Jade ride off to Montana and await the trial. Both Gavin and Jade are independent, stubborn and happy with their lives. They don’t need the chemistry and sparks that are flying between them, but they can only ignore their feelings for so long. Slowly giving into the feelings of desire, Gavin and Jade find themselves happy and enjoying each other’s company in Montana, but that all changes when Gavin’s past sneaks up on them and threatens everything that they’ve built between the two of them.

Jade’s Cowboy Crush contains smoking hot and spicy scenes. I love how this book and the other books that I have read by Kimberly Krey give you the steamy romantic scenes without crossing over the line. A strong story line with strong characters kept me hooked from the first page. I love Kimberly’s writing and look forward to reading more of her books.

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Mending Hearts

Immersed in pain, Candice is counting down the days that her name and Logan’s are removed from the adoption list. Once that period of their life has come and gone, she can finally complete the divorce papers, putting an end to their marriage. Separated from his wife, Logan wants nothing more than to have her back, and he means to fight for her. Through patience, perseverance, and through love this couple will see if they have what it takes to save their marriage.

Immediately I was hooked to this book. Every couple has their ups and downs, marriages fail, and trials happen. It’s what makes us stronger, but some trials are too hard and they break us or our loved ones. Candice wanted so badly to be a mom, but wanted to give her husband the opportunity to be a Dad and she felt like she failed them both. Unable to pull out of the hurt and depression, she felt the only option was separation. Logan was left with so many questions of what he could have done better to save his marriage. Logan decided to woo his wife, and help her fall in love all over again. I cheered these two on they began courting each other all over again: during the snow ball fights, the flirting jabs at one another, and the hot smoldering looks and kisses they shared. Kimberly Krey wrote a fabulous story. I can’t wait to try the other books in the series.

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