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As a child her life had been mapped out for her, or so it seemed.  When the small mysterious woman tells her to search for her one true love named Paul, Savannah knows she must search the world for him.  With a chance to travel to China to keep looking, she jumps on it.  Once in China, she finds her true love: Paul.  However, things don’t go quite as planned and before she knows it, Savannah is falling in love with the handsome chef: Julian-and he’s not Paul!!  Torn on whether she should listen to her heart or listen to the words of a woman from so many years ago.  She may just lose the one man who could love and show her the kindness that no man named Paul has ever done.

I can’t explain how much I loved this book.  I kept telling my husband and my friend how great it was, to find a character that could some up my personality.  I’ve tried so many times and here comes Savannah and she explains who I am.  Taylor Dean, the author, has a beautiful way with words.  I devoured this book. Reading passages and highlighting so many things that she wrote and hit spot on.  This has been my favorite Power of the Matchmaker books by far.

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The Villian

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Left alone to care for her younger brother and sister, Rosemary Mayfield is determined to make a life for them out in the wilds of the west. With her parent’s death after a robbery gone badly, Rosemary takes Benjamin and Emily to the home where they were to live and starts a new life with them. A city girl from New York City couldn’t be more lost. However, fate seems to have a different plan in store for the little family when a very large and very hairy man falls injured through their roof. Deciding to care for the stranger may put the family at risk or might find them a guardian to help protect them and teach them the ways of the west.

When Nicolas Ekkridon wakes up to the sight of the three orphans, immediately he knows that no good can come of this, because he had a hand in the fateful robbery that killed their parents. As a time traveler Nicolas has lived many different lives and has been in several different eras and countries. He’s a tough man and has a past that would make rule living Rosemary shrink away. They are forced to live under one roof and make a life together in the Wild West.

This was a very different read for me, I received the book a while ago and I didn’t read the back synopsis so I was a little surprised when time travel came into the story. It was a very quick read and actually very entertaining, there was suspense and murder and mystery, and of course some time travel. May Nicole Abbey had a strong woman and an even stronger man as the main characters and they kept the story moving quickly. A very fun time travel story.

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O’er the River Liffey

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Niall Doherty can weave the most beautiful tale, enchanting the ladies and drawing in the gentleman. His own life has not been a very happy story, forced out of his home and taken down a few notches as gentleman forced into working as a tutor for the baron’s young brothers. Niall doesn’t know what he’ll do when a beautiful young heiress, Caroline Fulton catches his eye and makes his pulse race. Should he ignore the feelings, especially since he’s been told by a mysterious woman named Pearl, that he would be meeting the woman of his dreams on a bridge far from this house party? Does he hold out for that woman destined for him, or does he give into the feelings that he has for Caroline.

Caroline Fulton knows that as a rich heiress she’s at this house party for one reason, and that is to catch the baron’s eye and bring a title to her family. She didn’t mean to fall head over heels for the handsome tutor that tells the most beautiful stories. Should she follow her heart and make her father unhappy? Niall and Caroline must make hard decisions that will affect their lives and the lives around them.

This wasn’t my favorite book, I felt like it dragged on. I would have like to see a shorter version, one that you could find in an anthology. It is part of the Power of the Matchmaker series, and it follows Pearl into another couples’ life.

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I Am Delilah

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Delilah, a country girl living in New York, is saving every penny she earns from her job as a nanny.  She’s trying to earn enough money so she can marry her high-school sweetheart back in her hometown in Bigfork, Montana.  However, a walk with her little charge lands Delilah smack dab in the middle of the biggest Hollywood story that America has seen in a long time.  With the press hot on her heels, Delilah is forced to give up her job and return home to Montana and goes into hiding.  The only problem?  She’s not alone.

Sam Hendricks, is drop dead gorgeous and America’s favorite actor.  He’s taken it upon himself to free a girl from her boring life every year and become her modern day fairy god mother.  Makeovers, spas, and luxurious retreats for the girl of his choosing and then a trip down the red carpet as his date.  Every girl’s dream come true…well every girl except for Deliliah.   Determined to save face after a very public and humility rejection, Sam follows Delilah back to her home town to try to make amends, but life as a country boy is not on his list of strong points.

I really enjoyed this book by Josi S. Kilpack.  It’s not your typical romance and the banter between the two had me laughing.  As a country girl I couldn’t help but laugh at poor Sam Hendricks trying to master the technique of farming in a small two week time frame.  I could definitely understand and could relate to Delilah’s frustration and the constant need to roll her eyes at the city boy that is used to being coddled and babied.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting a fun cute modern day romance.

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With a life full of wrong choices and a growing list of women used and thrown to the side, Branson King seems to have hit rock bottom.  It doesn’t help that he’s been targeted by a dryad, Aurianna, to pay for the death of her grandmother after he crashed his car into a tree killing her.   Aurianna has been shunned by the other dryads, and in order to earn her place back with them, she must kill Branson.  After the two meet, it seems that the heart has something else in store for them.  Can they turn their back on the spark that they feel and go against everybody and everything that they are told or believe?


There is a lot of information that is given in the beginning of the book and I struggled for a little bit trying to figure out what was going on.  I stuck with it and then wasn’t able to stop reading once it started making sense.  If you take the time to get through the rough start, it’s worth reading.


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Four Chambers: Power of the Matchmaker

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Andra Stone can’t deny the attraction or the feelings she has for Everett Covington.  However, Everett is not in her plans for becoming a pediatric heart surgeon and she knows that she must choose between her dreams or her heart, and right now it’s not her heart that she is worried about fixing.  With only four chambers of the heart and four areas of her life, she must make a decision soon or she’ll lose the most important person in her life.  She only has one chamber left.  Four Chambers: Power of the Matchmaker series finds Pearl helping another stubborn head strong couple make the most important decision of their lives.  Fortunately, Pearl is just as stubborn and patient.  She’s willing to step in and prod the couple along.

I did enjoy Four Chambers; it was quite interesting reading it in the four different sections. Each section a different time in Andra’s life and each part Everett comes in and out of the story, ready to show her he still loves her.  Some of the characters were very strong willed and actually made you laugh out loud at their beliefs, but it gave the story a little more depth and gave Andra and Everett a bond that no others would understand.  This helped them to lean on each other for support. Everett never game up on Andra and you couldn’t help but understand Andra’s desire to succeed.  Thank you Julie Wright for an entertaining story and a get away from reality.


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Bree has been able to live a few short years free of fear from her crazy stalker as he sits in his jail cell.  However, his time has come to an end and he’s about to be released.  In order to protect her and her family, her brother has hired a private body guard aka Greyson Law.  Heading to Oregon to care for an apple orchard under the disguise of a married couple, Greyson and Bree find that the chemistry is pretty strong from the get go.  It helps that Greyson has had a crush on Bree since they were kids and now Greyson just has to convince her that he’s not the jock from high school that she remembers.

Kimberly Krey does an amazing job writing a story that has characters that anybody can relate to.  As with her other books, the characters are developed and the story line moves quickly.  It seems every time I open one of her books I set it down thinking, “Wow, now that was my favorite one!” Each one is just as good as the one before.  I love that her books can be read by themselves, but they are also all interconnected with characters from each of the series.

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Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Sand and Kisses

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Open for Love by Elana Johnson

Sabrina Arnold runs her family’s Bed & Breakfast, trying to save pennies where she can, meaning that it’s up to her to fix plumbing issues at the same time she is booking wedding packages to famous guests.  However, when a new Bed & Breakfast is set to open right next door, Sabrina can’t help but snoop.  Snooping always brings more trouble than it’s worth, and this trouble comes in the form of a very good looking Carter Hammond.  Little does Sabrina know that Carter is her competition, and he omits the fact he’s the owner.  Trying to get past deceptions, business differences, and a painful loss can their small romance bloom?


Secrets in the Sand by Cindy M. Hogan

We’ve seen Christy Hadden, young talented spy, before.  She has a knack of finding trouble when she should be planning and enjoying a secret rendezvous with her handler/boyfriend.  A night of romance quickly turns into a vacation of hide and seek from the police and an attempted murder turns into a real murder gone wrong, with all the evidence pointing at Christy.  It quickly becomes a race of finding the real culprit and freeing an innocent kid.


Life’s a Beach by Jo Noelle

Trying to get away from love and all the horrible baggage that comes with it, Jenna Brennan tries to stay far away from Misty Harbor Cottages.  Attending a faraway school and accepting internships.  Finally giving in to her Uncle Walter’s requests, she finds herself sucked back to the Cottages and finds herself accepting a challenge against her longtime friend, and the man she loves: Cole Zamora.  Competing for the chance to own the cottages while trying to fight her growing love, Jenna finds that she can’t win every competition.


The Upgrade by Candice Toone

Amanda Ford has graduated from college, and taking the big step into being an adult with responsibilities is proving rather difficult.  Throwing caution to the wind, Amanda follows her friend to a college football game which turns into a date with a cute very cute guy.  Things get complicated when that cute fling happens to be a college student who shows up to her study abroad orientation.  Trying to keep the relationship strictly professional and nip the feelings before they begin is proving more and more difficult with the time the two are thrown together.


Surfboards and Star Trek by Donea Lee Weaver

Anna is enjoying a last get away with her daughter, before she heads off to college, and as a single mom they both don’t mind enjoying a little eye candy on their vacation.  Things seem to go well when the two meet Derek, and Anna finds herself falling madly in love.  However, their age difference raises several concerns and she runs for the hills.  Can Derek prove to Anna that their love is real and that they are good for each other?

This has been another fun anthology to read.  It wasn’t my favorite anthology, but they stories were engaging and kept a steady pace.  I happened to enjoy Surfboards and Star Trek the best, a little quirky romance that kept the characters real.


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Gladly Beyond

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Crazy Claire Raythorn is anything but crazy; however, that title seems to follow her everywhere she goes after one tiny incident involving a cheating man.    Trying to repair her reputation and start a new life, Claire accepts a job interview in Florence, Italy.  Only to Claire’s disbelief, not only has she been invited to the meeting, but also her cheating ex and one other playboy- Dante D’Angelo.

Dante D’Angelo is a triplet, and the three brothers share a secret and a curse that only their family knows about. This curse has led all the other D’Angelo men mad and forced them to an early death.  However, the curse was forced to change when the three brothers were born.  The curse, or their GUT as the boys call it, has been quite helpful in keeping their pockets lined and the family well provided for.  There’s only one problem, Dante is unable to see Claire the same way he see’s everybody else.  She’s untouched by his curse.

Claire is just beginning to feel somewhat normal, as long as she ignores the stalker that has made himself a permanent fixture in her life.  Warning bells begin to go off and threaten her sanity again when a man in a green suit keeps popping up in her selfies. Unfortunately, the man in the green suit could be Dante’s identical twin.  Before she goes completely mad, Claire must confront Dante and find out what’s really going on.

Together Dante and Claire are in a race against time: past, present and future.  With the help of the three brothers and their talents they must find the answers to so many questions that keep throwing themselves at them.  Everything is changing and someone isn’t who they claim to be.  Brought together by chance they find that they are interconnected through time.

This happens to be my second book I’ve read by Nichole Van in a very short period of time, and I can’t get enough of her writing.  Once I started reading her I had to stop everything and just keep reading.  She hooks you from line one.  There is so much going on with developed characters, intense story lines, and historical facts you can’t helped but to be captivated.  I will keep looking for more books from Nichole Van and I know I won’t be disappointed.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Meg, a successful artist and business woman, has been living in Colorado in a going-nowhere-dead-end relationship.  Looking for a break and a chance to relive the traditions of her late Mother, she takes off to Montana to help her father with processing grapes.  The county fair is known for its auctioning off ranch hands to help farmers out for a week, giving them that extra hand to get things finished up for the season.  When Meg saw the gorgeous hunk, Jake Billings, up for bid she couldn’t stop herself from yelling out and winning him for the week.  In one short week, Meg realizes there’s more to her relationship with the ranch hand than their ever could be with the commitment-phobia man she has back home.  Now she just has to make a choice: jump at the chance for something new and lasting or stay safe in something that she knows but it’s not going anywhere?

I have read several of Kimberly Krey’s books and I will be the first to jump on any new books that she has.  She is, by far, my favorite author.   Once again, she’s created a short romantic novella that has captured everything that makes a great romance. Strong characters, engaging conversation and there’s never a dull moment.  Her writing just keeps flowing.  I enjoyed reading Ranch Hand for Auction and will be recommending to my friends.

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