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Love is Come (Power of the Matchmaker)

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She was devastated; her whole world as she knew it was taken away from her.   With the tragic accident that killed her parents, Nelle Thompson  moved to the country to live with her strict unloving aunt.  Trying to get over the grief and depression while making sure to account for every expense she incurred in her aunt’s ledger, Nelle didn’t know how she was ever going to survive.  It didn’t help that she had constant bags under eyes from the nightmares that woke her at night, could she ever get out of her slump?  There was only one true person that could make her smile, Mathew Janson.  Mathew, who also happened to be her eccentric cousin’s fiancé, was everything Nelle thought a true gentleman and fiancé should be.  However, what do you do when you find yourself falling in love with your cousin’s fiancé?  With the help and guidance of Pearl, the owner of the apothecary shop, Nelle hopes to find true happiness before she slips further into her depression.  There is only one problem, a certain event leads Nelle into believing that she has truly lost her mind, and the only option left for her to do is run back to the city and hide from everything and everybody she has come to love.


Another book in the Power of the Matchmaker series, Love is Come, can be read alone as can all the books in this series.  It has been fun to read Miss Pearl’s adventures and watch as she comes and goes in these couples lives.  Heather B. Moore has quickly moved up my list of favorite authors to read, because she is so great at weaving a sweet romance.  I usually stay away from any kind of book or movie from this time era because I do not enjoy the era at all.  The women are easy and the men are jerks.  It was nice to find that a gentleman could actually exist during this time and a woman could keep her virtues.


I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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The Mariposa Hotel

It’s no secret that I read a lot, so when I get my hands on anthologies, I’m thrilled because I get several stories in one book; it’s like a treat to this book-a-holic.  Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson and Heather B. Moore each spin a wonderful, clean and inspirational romantic tale.  The Mariposa Hotel is a great read because it takes three separate characters and connects them in one beautiful hotel complete with a beautiful three-hundred-year-old wishing well brought from Mexico.  With a toss of a coin and a well placed wish, three couples find true love.

Ghost of 913

Mari is working as a hotel maid trying to work her way through college in order to attend law school and she gets the lucky job of cleaning room 913.  She’s lucky because it’s as if the occupant is a ghost, leaving not even a fingerprint behind.  Lucky for Mari, her “ghost” is living and happens to be a very good looking U.S. Marshal.  Grant helps protect witnesses in the Witness Protection Program; he is very organized and pays attention to detail.  When he discovers that Mari is just as detail oriented as him, and she’s beautiful, he perks up and pays attention.  Still trying to pick up the pieces from her previous marriage, Mari is a little leery of the secretive man that is working his way into her heart, and unless he starts to open up Grant will find her walking away.

Butterfly Kiss

The surfers love the waves at Seashell Beach and as a professional photographer Ridely goes where the waves are good.  He just happens to live in Seashell Beach and gets to enjoy the patrons of the Mariposa Hotel.  His friend, who runs the hotel, finds himself short a concierge, and Ridely volunteers to step in to help.  As luck would have it, a beautiful woman steps through the door and instantly catches his eye.  However, his mind becomes clouded with judgments and Ridley finds he’s making mistake after mistake with Brooke and realizes that she may be more than just a weekend fling.  Brooke is swept off her feet by the good looking concierge, as their whirlwind relationship starts to blossom it comes clear that Ridely is hiding something and he’s not just a concierge after all.

Dreams Come True

Regean holds down a very stressful job as hotel events manager, but she enjoys every minute of it and wouldn’t have it any other way.  When it’s time for a charity gala for KC Woods, a Hollywood producer, she does what she does best and prepares for it.  However, KC just happens to have a very bossy and secretive assistant who demands on chocolate covered strawberries and a shared room waiting for them.  Regean must learn to look past her preconceived opinions and open up to the possibility of dating KC Woods and maybe she’ll realize that there is more to a story that what meets the eye.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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Under the Mistletoe

Forgotten Kisses by Cindy Roland Anderson

When the male lead playing Sir Lancelot is fired, his costume designer Madison Taylor, couldn’t be more thrilled until she hears who his replacement is. Caleb Matthews, aka her ex-fiance is stepping in to take the roll and Madison isn’t too excited to be working closely with the man that she lost her heart to. Trying to pay the bills while helping her sister who is a single mom and her baby niece, Madison doesn’t have an option but to work alongside Caleb with a smile on her face. It doesn’t take long for Madison to realize that the feelings that she had put away a long time ago for him, are coming back and she finds herself falling in love with him all over again.

The Last Christmas by Annette Lyon

Meredith and her husband Eric are just days away from signing the divorce papers, but Meredith doesn’t want to ruin Christmas for her grown children. Meredith wants Eric to pretend that nothing is wrong while they are in town and asks him to play along. Eric is heartbroken and during a night of confessions Meredith and Eric find out what they both need to do to make their marriage work. Eric is bound and determined to show his wife that he’ll do anything to win her back.

Truth or Dare by Julie Coulter Bellon

Jonah Harrison is a wounded war veteran and has been hiding from the world in his parent’s home for the last year while recovering. A high school class mate comes to visit while chasing her love struck dog, and the night turns into a game of truth and dare, tears, and a perfect kiss. Through love and understanding Jonah learns that he can live again and find love.

Holiday Bucket List by Sarah M. Eden

Celeste Lagorio and Mike Durham are both single parents and have been next door neighbors for years. Mike has stepped in a few times to help the girls when they needed a father figure. This Christmas, Celeste will be on her own now that her kids have grown and are unable to come home for the holidays. Mike steps in and helps makes Celeste a Christmas to remember.

Christmas Every Day by Heather B. Moore

Monica had dreams, but she had to change her plans when her mother became ill and she needed Monica to care for her. In order to pay the bills, she took up a job at a mom and pop store. While on a date with her extremely temperamental boyfriend, she is trying to explain to him that she is on the verge of buying it from the owners, and he explodes. A stranger steps in and shows her the true way a woman should be treated. Little does she know that the gentleman is the long lost prodigal son of the owners and he may change her plans.

First (and Last) Christmas Date by Jennifer Griffith

Juliet Law and Tag McClintock had the worst luck on their first date back in high school and it ended in a promise that there would be a second date….in ten years. What are the chances that Tag McClintock shows up ten years later with a promise of a date and with only their luck could things go just as bad or even worse. Can Tag and Juliet get past their luck and find love?

This wasn’t my favorite anthology that I’ve read, but the stories are quick and easy reads. Couples are learning to trust again, learning to find love and willing to get through challenges for each other. They are sweet romances that show that there can be happily ever after if you only work for it. These are some of my favorite authors and I did enjoy reading some from new authors that I have been introduced to before.

*I Received a Free ECopy of This Book in Exchange for an Honest Review*

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All Hallows' Eve Collection

Of Ghosts and Gardens by Sarah M. Eden

Enid Pryce took pride in the fact that she was undeniably Welsh; she lived in Brecknockshire, Wales with her little family.  Her home not only came with a beautifully garden, but a ghost who took great care in making sure to let would be thieves know, “You must not take what is not yours.”  Dafydd Gam, the family ghost had known to wander the garden, making sure no one would take the flowers.  After being away from home, Enid want to verify that she was indeed home and the best way to do that was to make sure that her ghost was still there, she set out to steal from the garden.  Instead of getting herself a visit from a ghost, she met Burke Kennard.  Burke, a scholar was researching the 15th-century Welsh Revolt, and who better to ask than the man who lived during that time, Dafydd Gam.  Burke and Enid set out to try to lure the ghost to visit them to learn about the revolt, but instead they learned that not everyone is who they say they are, and the same can be said about a certain ghost.  As the mystery revolving around Dafydd grows, so do the feelings between Enid and Burke.

Sarah created a lighthearted story with two characters that knew what they wanted out of life; however, being so determined to stick with their present course, they needed the help of a friendly neighborhood ghost to help them take a much-needed detour to a path of love.  This was a very cute story that I found entertaining. Sarah does a great job on creating characters and plots in a very short time.  The dialogue between Enid and Burke was complete with humor and quick wit. I really enjoy when I story has you smiling or laughing aloud.  I have always enjoyed books by Sarah M. Eden, and once again, she has come through with a great read.

It’s You by Annette Lyon

Orphaned when she was one, Anna Brierley, was taken in and raised by her grandparents in Idaho.  Traveling to live with her aunt and uncle after their death, Anna’s welcoming event was a funeral, not exactly her choice of entertainment.  However, this funeral was unlike any other that Anna had ever attended, there was a woman that seemed to recognize her, but she was unlike any other woman that she had ever seen or met.  The lady in white with one long braid called for attention and it seemed no one else had witnessed her at the cemetery, which isn’t too big of a surprise since she was the spirit of a woman coming to make things right.  Wondering if she was delusional, Anna tried to bury the incident, she carried on with life.  Not wanting to be a big burden to her aunt or uncle, Anna decided to earn her keep by taking on odd jobs, since the local schools felt like her small town education wasn’t good enough for their likes.  Her first odd job consisted of taking on cleaning out a church closet of a departed woman’s items.  Through this assignment, Anna was shocked to find a surprising discovery.  In order to find the cause for the young woman’s visit, Anna gets to know a local young man, Charlie Beck, who also has been in contact with the woman in white.  Between the two of them, they might be able to help the young woman feel at peace.

In a shorter version this story is about an older woman passing on, feeling wrapped up in guilt, and because of this, she is unable to go in peace.  She feels like she must make amends to those that she has hurt, unfortunately, she is not able to make things right with the people she hurt, but fate has brought the next generation to her doorstep.  I didn’t enjoy this story as much because it seemed too short and I felt disconnected from the characters, and I never felt like it pulled me in.  I don’t believe the story line could have held its own had it been lengthened into a full novel, it just didn’t have the makings of a great story.

Sophia’s Curse by Heather B. Moore

Every five years, on All Hallows Eve, a member of the Rousseau household or the Belrose household would die.  This curse was shared by these two households, and had been placed upon them by a scorned vindictive woman claiming to have secretly married Belrose Sr., and she stated that she should inherit the land, in response  her and her claims had been turned away.  Joan’s mother died giving birth on that cursed night.  Blinded by pain and anger Monsieur Rudolph Belrose, Joan’s father, had her sent to a nearby abbey to be raised by the nuns.  Joan loved to be creative and had an imagination, but most of all she enjoyed sneaking into the grove of trees and watch the magnificent, and good-looking Simon Rousseau.  It was just a matter of time before she would be caught.  Simon and Joan had no idea how life would change for them in the short period after they met.  All Hallows Eve was upon them, and it looked like Joan’s father was to be the next victim.  Was it really a curse, or was there something less superstitious and more evil at play?

Sophia’s Curse contained all the elements of a great book: romance, mystery, suspense, and murder.  The romance between Simon and Joan was quick yet it was strong and enjoyable.  Heather B. Moore was able to tie up all the loose ends in a tidy little bow, and left nothing to question.  It kept me on the edge on my seat; I will definitely be looking for more books by her in the future.

The Sirens’ Song by Lisa Mangum

Widower and Dr., Oliver, is on his way to Greece aboard a cruise liner as the lead physician.  Still wearing the ring and grieving after the death of his beloved wife, Cate, Oliver is just moving through life as if he is in a daydream.  An unfortunate event sends his wedding ring into the churning waters and not long after, he finds himself sharing the same fate.  A trio of sirens steals him away, pulling him from the clutches of the dark sea intent on stealing his memories and pain, not aware that behind his memories was love and happiness.  Willing to give up his memories for one last chance to see his cherished wife, Oliver relives the most precious times with Cate.

Lisa did a great job of capturing Oliver’s pain as well as his deep love for his wife, Cate. Delving into a character’s pain is not easy, but Lisa puts to paper a beautiful romance between husband and his wife.  Even though Cate has passed on, I felt like I was given the opportunity to witness their marriage and see their relationship from the beginning to the end.  You cannot help but ache for Oliver and his loss, but you are so happy when he gets to give his final good bye to the woman he loves so much.  Lisa Magnum wrote a beautiful love story.

The Man of Her Dreams by Jordan McCollum

Alexandra Steen, homicide detective, has a unique yet troubling gift: she sees murders before they happen.  The troubling part, she’s unable to stop them and she’s unable to use this information in, she is left with collecting evidence that leads to the guilty verdict.  The story starts out like any other dream for Alex, the killer attacks and slays his victim.  Alex is not about to let this happen, not again!  With everything she has, she speeds to the spot of the soon to be crime, only to find out that she is too late…or is she.  The last victim was spared and Alex is surprised to find that the victim is her ex-boyfriend’s sister.  However, the dreams don’t stop.  It’s only a matter of time that Alex determines that Nick is the intended target, after encountering him after all these years, she realizes that she still loves him and she’ll do everything in her power to make this dream not come true.  Nick and Alex have a lot to forgive and forget if they are to move forward in their lives and keep Nick safe.

This thriller keeps you on your edge of you seat wondering who the killer is and when he will strike.   Alex is very head strong, where Nick is laid back and non-confrontational.  It’s a challenge to watch these two hit heads and struggle with their differences.  Jordan McCollum did a great job creating their characters, bringing them to life.  They have the same struggles that a normal couple has and they need to work through this in order to be a couple again.  In a short period, Jordan did an amazing job pulling me in, working out the differences, and building a suspenseful plot and wrapping it all up in the end.

The Ghost of Millhouse Mansion by Elana Johnson

Naomi was amazing at what she did, she knew her job, and she loved it.  She had the amazing talent of not only renovating antiques but she also was known for interior decorating skills.  Right now, the biggest dream of hers involved a huge beautiful mansion, not just any mansion, but the Millhouse Mansion.  It begged for her touch, and she found herself imagining the hardwood floors, the fixtures, and the mantle over the fireplace.  However, the owner didn’t seem to have any desire to step foot in the place, much less bring it back to its former glory.  Yet today of all days seemed to be Naomi’s lucky day.  The owner, Colt Jennings walked into her office needing a renovation that happened to be located in the mansion.  Naomi was living her dream.  The mansion is everything that Naomi hopes for, instantly she’s taking notes and envisioning what she could do to fix this place up, but soon, she realizes that her and Colt are not alone.  In addition, someone, or something, is trying to get their attention.  Colt has his own demons to deal with and the ghosts that seem to hang around the old place aren’t helping his cheerful disposition.  Naomi and Colt must figure out the mystery surrounding the spirits lingering around, or someone was going to get hurt.

Elana Johnson did a great job introducing twist and turns in the plot.  She even gets an A for the spook factor.  I definitely didn’t see the surprise at the end coming; I really enjoyed this Halloween story.  Makes me curious what other books Elana has written and what surprises she has in store for them.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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The Moses Chronicles: Bondage

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The Moses Chronicles Bondage

Moses: Struggling with not quite fitting into the popular beliefs and practices of the other Egyptians, Moses finds himself starting to find empathy for the Hebrew Slaves. Not willing to “visit” the harems with the other royalty, helping to free a Hebrew from false accusations of being a thief, and protecting a group of Hebrew women from the leering grasps of a fellow Egyptian are just a few ways that Moses notices that he’s not quite like the others.

Miriam/Caleb: Miriam, a Hebrew slave, has always watched Moses the best she can without becoming detected. Miriam finds herself loving Moses and wanting to protect and watch over him, being his older sister who helped save him from being killed when he was an infant, she can’t seem to let him go. Miriam pushes his little basket through the water into the arms of an Egyptian Princess, Bithiah. In love with Miriam, Caleb tries multiple times to keep her out of harm’s way. Not an easy task, because Miriam is always jumping from one dangerous situation to another.

Bithiah/Mered: Bithiah struggles with being a “branded” princess, since she is an unwed mother, but having adopted a Hebrew baby and pulling him from the water, she rises above that brand and loves Moses with all her heart. Secretly she is drawn to the palace scribe, Mered.

I had an internal battle of whether I wanted to read this book, I’ve grown up knowing the story of Moses and how he frees the Hebrews from bondage, but that’s all this was to me, a story from the Bible. Finally, my curiosity and my love of reading new books won out and I opened up the first page. To say I was hooked was an understatement! The characters came alive, they begged for your attention, and I couldn’t put it down. Every free second I had, the book was in my hand and I was devouring the words. This old story was rewritten and given life. What a remarkable account. I recommend this book to any reader, it didn’t fall into my specifications of a “religious” book, and I feel anyone would enjoy it, I never felt preached to. Bondage is a great read for all types of readers, whether it is: mystery, suspense, romance, or action.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

All Regency Collection

I love a good regency novel. Imagine how happy I was when I found I could get several in one setting that are easy quick reads. I also love this book because it introduced me to new authors that I have never tried before, giving me a new opportunity to read their other books.

The Wedding Gift: A Pride and Prejudice Story by Anna Elliott
This story was a new approach to the popular classic of Pride and Prejudice. There are several remakes and takes of the romantic love story. However, this is the first one that I’ve come across that takes a stab at what happens with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet after they are engaged. This story takes on a mystery/suspense twist when Elizabeth Bennet finds herself thrown in a carriage and kidnapped. We follow this story in the form of a diary. I love the writing and find myself very excited to read other stories by Anna Elliott. I was caught up in Elizabeth’s character and was disappointed to have the story end.

Dream of a Glorious Season by Sarah M. Eden
Stuck in a world of expectations thrown at her by society, Elizabeth Gillford finds herself stuck at home and forced to watch an older sister Come out and enjoy her several seasons. Elizabeth is unable to make her “first bows to Society” until Mary, her mean and selfish sister is wed. Elizabeth has also found herself in love with Julian Broadwood, the neighbor, and has been since she was 8 years old. However, he has been “promised” to her sister. Heartbroken and looking as though she is to be an old maid, Elizabeth has an inviting personality and doesn’t let this break her. As a reader, I find myself cheering for her and Julian. Once again, another author that I will be looking into.

The Mender by Carla Kelly
A story of a young woman looking for adventure and stumbles onto one that is far greater than she could ever imagine. Thankful is traveling the ocean with her cousin from the Americas to Italy aboard his vessel, when they come upon a wreckage of boats and people. Being a mender, Thankful finds herself upon vessel helping heal the wounded because the ships surgeon, Adam had been wounded. Long story short Thankful and Adam fall in love and retire back in the Americas. This is one story that I could not find myself enjoying. The way the story was written, I was unable to follow it smoothly. It felt like I had to consistently reread passages to try to make them make sense. Part of it was because I was unfamiliar with the “Friends” background. Their way of talking and their names had me stumbling through the story line. I didn’t feel as if the characters were strong. It’s hard to give a strong character in a small amount of words, but I believe it could have been better. Not very often do I find myself glad when a story is done, but I found myself grateful that this one was.

Begin Again by Josi S. Kilpack
Regina is a “spinster of thirty-two years” who had lost her one true love years ago. With a promise of, “I’ll come back, Reggie. I promise I will…” fifteen years later Ross is keeping to his promise. However, Regina was not too thrilled with this new turn of events. She had waited six years before being engaged with another man, only to break that engagement. Then those six years turned into fifteen. During those years, she stayed with her brother and kept his house after the death of his wife. During her nieces engagement ball Ross decided to surprise Regina and wanted to back in her life. She was not having it and literally throws Ross out of her home. It is up to Ross to prove his love for Regina and Regina must find forgiveness and let him back in. This was a very easy quick read. I have read Josi S. Kilpack before, but not in a regency setting. I enjoyed it and found myself liking her writing in this genre.

The Affair at Wildemoore by Annette Lyon
This story touched my heart. As a married woman who loves romance, I find myself tired of the usual stories of first loves and swooning that getting married and then happily ever after. I enjoyed this story because it was a story of a couple that had been married for years and had older children that had found themselves strangers towards one another. Through lack of communication and a lost child, this couple grew apart. Bother missing each other, but both unable to speak of it. Being married doesn’t automatically make happily ever after one must work at it. This story gives me that reminder.

The Duke’s Brother by Heather B. Moore
A funny little story of a young woman, Mabel, who was different from what society had expected of young women. Raised by her father, a scientist, Mabel found herself more interested in the creepy crawly species than that of the human variety. Collecting insects and going out in rainstorms to collect slugs was where her heart lay. Her older sister Ethel was intent on getting Mabel out in society and hoping to turn her young wayward sister “normal.” In doing so Mabel is introduced to Ethel’s brother-in-law, the Duke’s brother, who quickly falls victim to Mabel’s charms and scientific ways. This was a very enjoyable fun quick read that anybody with a “weird” personality can relate.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.