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The Sheriff’s Bride

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The Sheriff’s Bride

Kimberly Krey


What a better way to start you night than curling up to a great book?  That’s how I felt reading Kimberly Krey’s The Sheriff’s Bride.  Jessie has seen plenty of heartache and hurt growing up, watching her mom battle abusive relationship one right after the other.  She’s all but sworn off love for herself.  However, fate wouldn’t hear of it, because there’s a new Sheriff in town and one way or another, fate was going to have its way.

Sheriff Trent Middleton had his work cut out for him in this town and its lax laws. For the people’s safety he was hell bent and determined to make sure the laws were followed, even if that meant making him the most hated man in town.  The first person on his radar? The beautiful woman plastering flyers all over the town’s power poles. Sparks were going to fly.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Kimberly Krey is an amazing author.  She brings life to these characters. You feel their pain, their hope, and their happiness.  You walk the walk with them and can’t help but to cheer them on-or yell at them for being stubborn and not noticing what they have right in front of them.  Fighting through their pain and their past, you want Jessie and Trent to succeed and find their way to each other. Thank you for another great story, I can’t wait for any more Kimberly has to send our way.


I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Buy: Fresh Starts: Bree’s Story

Bree has been able to live a few short years free of fear from her crazy stalker as he sits in his jail cell.  However, his time has come to an end and he’s about to be released.  In order to protect her and her family, her brother has hired a private body guard aka Greyson Law.  Heading to Oregon to care for an apple orchard under the disguise of a married couple, Greyson and Bree find that the chemistry is pretty strong from the get go.  It helps that Greyson has had a crush on Bree since they were kids and now Greyson just has to convince her that he’s not the jock from high school that she remembers.

Kimberly Krey does an amazing job writing a story that has characters that anybody can relate to.  As with her other books, the characters are developed and the story line moves quickly.  It seems every time I open one of her books I set it down thinking, “Wow, now that was my favorite one!” Each one is just as good as the one before.  I love that her books can be read by themselves, but they are also all interconnected with characters from each of the series.

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Buy: Ranch Hand For Auction

Meg, a successful artist and business woman, has been living in Colorado in a going-nowhere-dead-end relationship.  Looking for a break and a chance to relive the traditions of her late Mother, she takes off to Montana to help her father with processing grapes.  The county fair is known for its auctioning off ranch hands to help farmers out for a week, giving them that extra hand to get things finished up for the season.  When Meg saw the gorgeous hunk, Jake Billings, up for bid she couldn’t stop herself from yelling out and winning him for the week.  In one short week, Meg realizes there’s more to her relationship with the ranch hand than their ever could be with the commitment-phobia man she has back home.  Now she just has to make a choice: jump at the chance for something new and lasting or stay safe in something that she knows but it’s not going anywhere?

I have read several of Kimberly Krey’s books and I will be the first to jump on any new books that she has.  She is, by far, my favorite author.   Once again, she’s created a short romantic novella that has captured everything that makes a great romance. Strong characters, engaging conversation and there’s never a dull moment.  Her writing just keeps flowing.  I enjoyed reading Ranch Hand for Auction and will be recommending to my friends.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Who doesn’t love a sweet Christmas Romance?
The cool chill in the air and that romantic warmth in our hearts.

Even better is finding those holiday books for a super price.

Today we’re spotlighting TWO Christmas Romance reads.
Reads that are just .99 cents each for two days only!
(Sale Dec 9th-10th and is for eBook format only)

First up we have COOKIE GIRL CHRISTMAS. This full-length, charming Christmas adventure will have you “laughing at some points, wiping tears in the next, and smiling throughout.” With fun and scrumptious holiday recipes included, Cookie Girl Christmas is delicious in more ways than one. (Quote taken from Amazon review.)

Molly Hayes has one more job before Christmas and then she can put her plans for a storefront bakery of her own in motion. What she doesn’t bargain for is the handsome young Scrooge who insults her cookies and makes her blood boil. Toss in a heaping helping of snowstorm and a pinch of romantic old Inn and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for a not-so-silent-night.

Next we have GETTING KOLE FOR CHRISTMAS, a young adult novella where a teenage girl tries to get her best guy friend out of the friend zone. Complete at 127 pages, one reader calls Getting Kole for Christmas”Sweet Teenage Holiday Angst” Loredana Adriana of Goodreads says, “Oh my gosh, I simply cannot contain the happy, silly, idiotic smile I have now on my face after reading this delightful little novella.” (First review from Donna Flint

Kylie’s been crushing on Kole for two years now, but can she get him to see her as more than a friend?

For years Kylie has watched her older sisters get asked to every school dance there is. Yet once she’s old enough to go, the invites are in short supply. While getting overlooked has never felt good, it hasn’t really hurt the way it does this year. Because now there’s someone she really wants to go with: Kole Kingston. Kole is charming and funny. Gorgeous and kind. And everything she wants in a guy. Trouble is, he’s also her very best friend. Can Kylie tear herself free from the friend-zone in time to get asked to the Christmas dance? Or will she – like so many others – find that a romance between them will never be?

Don’t miss your chance to pick these up at a reduced price!
*Both books mentioned are CLEAN ROMANCE READS*

Do you have a favorite holiday romance? One you must read every time Christmas rolls around?
Or one that you discovered this year that you know will be a holiday staple from this point on?
If so, leave the name of the book(s) in the comments below.
Have a wonderful holiday season, all!

Getting Kole for Christmas

What should be an exciting time in the Bronson home is anything but for one Bronson.  Kylie is starting to feel like the odd one out when all her sisters are getting the cutest invites to the Christmas dance.  Hiding under the ruse of indifference, Kylie tries to hide the pain of the rejection she continues to feel every time the doorbell rings and another sister goes squealing to the door to find their invite hiding in a clever disguise.  It probably wouldn’t hurt as much if she wasn’t in love with a certain boy, a boy who she wanted to take her to the dance.  There only seemed to be one big problem with being in love with him: Kole Kingston is her best friend and completely clueless of her feelings.  How do you get from being a best friend to being your boyfriend without losing the relationship you have?  Kylie doesn’t know how to answer that question and because of that, she’s unwilling to make the jump.

Getting Kole for Christmas is a very cute and clean romantic story of a young woman and her very handsome, very sweet, and absolutely perfect best friend.  I love reading Kylie’s journey into no man’s land between that scary line going from friendship to love.  Kimberly Krey does an amazing job at writing a smooth entertaining story.  She did such a great job with writing that I felt the years melt away and felt like I was a young woman again, fighting the feelings of a crush that may never develop into anything else.  Her writing is amazing and you can feel Kylie’s pain as time goes on and the dance gets closer, and you can’t help but to get a huge smile on your face when she finally gets her long awaited Christmas wish.

I’ve loved all of Kimberly’s books that I have read; I have just ordered another one in the mail.  I am so happy to say I’m glad I stumbled across my now favorite author.  And will keep all her books in my personal library.

Don’t forget to head over to the giveaway for this amazing Christmas read: Getting Kole for Christmas Giveaway. Giveaway ends 11/1/2015 at 9 AM.


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Congratulations Caleb Carling, you have won this wonderful Christmas romance!! You and your wife will have so much fun reading it together.

Getting Kole for Christmas

I’m so excited! I’ve been working with Kimberly Krey on getting this new giveaway up and running.  Kimberly has donated a brand new autographed copy of her new release: Getting Kole for Christmas.   Not only is she extremely talented and gives us readers a good story she is extremely sweet and makes time for my questions and has agreed to an interview.  Please join me in getting to know Kimberly Krey.

Tell us your latest news?

I just wrote and released (well, pre-sale-released) my very first novella. Which also happens to be my first holiday book. It’s about a darling high school girl named Kylie who’s in love with her very best friend; his name is Kole and it’s called Getting Kole for Christmas. The 126-page book releases November 1st.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

 I first discovered my love for writing in college. My tough-grading English professor gave the class a creative writing assignment. I still remember sitting in the lamp-light’s glow of my basement, typing the paper about a fall scene. Gnarled branches and brittle leaves. I really let myself sink into the scene, and something about it made me feel alive. Upon handing it in, I found the teacher gave me – not just an A, but an A-plus on the assignment (which was quite rare for her). I came away from that realizing that I enjoyed writing, and that I might be able to develop myself in that area.

How long does it take you to write a book?

It really depends. The first book I wrote, Evie’s Knight, had fantastical elements. That, along with the fact that it was my first novel, made it a longer write. It probably took close to two-and-a-half years or more. Now I’m closer to six-to-eight months, which includes about two months of editing, beta reading, and formatting.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

I’m to the point now that my kids are all in school, so I write while they are gone. I usually don’t touch the book on evenings and weekends, unless I’m getting close to finishing and feeling pinched for time. I also don’t write a whole lot in the summer, since my kids are home and I want to spend time with them. I do still set time aside to write (or I’ll go crazy), just not a lot of it. Before they were all in school I wrote late into the evening (once they were in bed) and woke up early to write as well.

 Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

There are a lot of authors I love, but my very favorite is Marcia Lynn McClure. I absolutely love how she can write a clean romance book with passion and kissing and heart-melting scenes. That’s, of course, exactly what I strive to do as well, since that’s what I love to read.

Who designed the covers?

I do! My husband is a photographer, and I used to help him create montages and special prints by using PhotoShop. Because I’m familiar with the program, I am able to create my own covers with ease.


Do you have any advice for other writers?

I’d say getting involved in your local writing community is one of the best things you can do. Writers are EVERYWHERE, so get online and find them. There are writing conferences, workshops, classes, critique groups and retreats. I’m all for doing online research about writing, (I did TONS of that too) but there’s nothing like getting involved, meeting new people, and getting feedback about your work. *If you do get in a critique group, read a few popular blog posts about how to find and be a good critique partner; you want the experience to help you grow, not smother your joy for the craft, and if you get the wrong person critiquing your work it can do just that.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

 I’m working on Fresh Starts. It’s the last in my Second Chances series. Here’s a short blurb: Bree has had her fair share of difficulties. The loss of her parents, a not-so-recent divorce, and the disruption of her life caused by a dangerous stalker who’s serving jail time. When the determined criminal finishes his sentence, Bree is sent into hiding. While she’s doing all she can to steer clear of this frightening piece of her past, a new man enters the scene, determined to be part of her future.


Books by Kimberly Krey



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Cassie's Cowboy Crave

When Cassie was called to be a juror in the high profile case, she had no idea that she would be running for her life when the guilty verdict had been reached. Cassie was enjoying a meal with her best friends laughing and joking over a romance novel complete with a sexy cowboy on the cover, when she was whisked away by a detective and hauled off to Montana under witness protection, with the news that fellow jurors were being hunted and killed by the defendant’s family, the Lawson brothers. When her plane touched down in Montana and she was handed off to one gorgeous man, she thought life couldn’t get crazier, but life with this cowboy was anything but calm and normal.

Shane couldn’t be more irate; a stupid bet with his brothers had him driving to the airport to pick up yet another stray for the ranch. His family thought it was some kind of joke that they could trap him into a fake marriage to protect another woman that was being sent to their ranch in the witness protection program. He didn’t have time for this, he had a ranch to run and he didn’t need a woman underfoot. He knew his brothers had lucked out with the program and both had gotten smoking hot wives out of the deal, but what were the chances that he would have the same luck? As he drove up to the airport and saw the detective and the gorgeous woman in tow, he realized that maybe luck was on his side.

The chemistry was strong between Cassie and Shane, but was it the right time for either of them? Shane had just broken up with his girlfriend after he had proposed and she turned him down flat with ideas of making it big in the city. Cassie was in a strained long distance relationship with her boyfriend. Yet, neither one of them could ignore the passion between them and neither one could deny the feelings that went beyond the physical needs.

Of the three books in the series, this had to be my favorite. Cassie’s parents abandoned her long ago to live with her now deceased grandmother, so they could travel and give aide to “developing” countries. Her boyfriend took off to another country with a promise he would be back, a promise that had yet to be fulfilled. Cassie was used to being left on her own and never complained once about it, it was her life and that’s how it was supposed to be. Shane couldn’t wrap his head around this concept, his family was close they relied on each other and the love was strong. His concern for Cassie is so sweet and he wants to care for like she should be cared for. Cassie just wants to make sure that she isn’t a burden to anyone and she doesn’t want anyone’s pity. She’s so sweet and strong that you can’t help admire her, it makes you realize that you want to be like her: strong, independent, and yet still tender-not soured by the hand dealt to her. The scenes in the book are steamy and leave your heart pounding, but they never cross the line, it’s the perfect amount of romance and physical desire. Kimberly Krey writes a good story, and never disappoints. I will continue to look for her books and can’t wait to get my hands on her next one.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: Review



Jade's Cowboy Crush

All Jade wanted to do that night was finish her shift and get home to her son, she didn’t expect to witness the brutal gunning down of her colleague when she was doing a mundane chore of bringing out the trash. After witnessing the murder and coming face to face with the murderer, Jade was now under the protection of the state until the trial date. Going into witness protection wasn’t on her list of things to do, but she had no choice and that meant packing up her son and heading out to the ranches of Montana with a stranger.

Gavin had a good job in construction; he had a past he wanted to stay clear from and wanted to keep his nose clean. When he received a call from back home stating they needed his help transporting and protecting a witness, he all but threw the phone in response. There was no way he was going back to his family after not talking to his father for 8 years. All he wanted was to get what was rightfully his and wash his hands of everybody. His family was persistent and Gavin found himself driving to the meeting point of the witness.

Pretending to be married with a little boy, Gavin and Jade ride off to Montana and await the trial. Both Gavin and Jade are independent, stubborn and happy with their lives. They don’t need the chemistry and sparks that are flying between them, but they can only ignore their feelings for so long. Slowly giving into the feelings of desire, Gavin and Jade find themselves happy and enjoying each other’s company in Montana, but that all changes when Gavin’s past sneaks up on them and threatens everything that they’ve built between the two of them.

Jade’s Cowboy Crush contains smoking hot and spicy scenes. I love how this book and the other books that I have read by Kimberly Krey give you the steamy romantic scenes without crossing over the line. A strong story line with strong characters kept me hooked from the first page. I love Kimberly’s writing and look forward to reading more of her books.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Mending Hearts

Immersed in pain, Candice is counting down the days that her name and Logan’s are removed from the adoption list. Once that period of their life has come and gone, she can finally complete the divorce papers, putting an end to their marriage. Separated from his wife, Logan wants nothing more than to have her back, and he means to fight for her. Through patience, perseverance, and through love this couple will see if they have what it takes to save their marriage.

Immediately I was hooked to this book. Every couple has their ups and downs, marriages fail, and trials happen. It’s what makes us stronger, but some trials are too hard and they break us or our loved ones. Candice wanted so badly to be a mom, but wanted to give her husband the opportunity to be a Dad and she felt like she failed them both. Unable to pull out of the hurt and depression, she felt the only option was separation. Logan was left with so many questions of what he could have done better to save his marriage. Logan decided to woo his wife, and help her fall in love all over again. I cheered these two on they began courting each other all over again: during the snow ball fights, the flirting jabs at one another, and the hot smoldering looks and kisses they shared. Kimberly Krey wrote a fabulous story. I can’t wait to try the other books in the series.

I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.