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A Healing Spirit

Nineteen-year old Mia Kinney has been skiing her whole life, so when she falls thirty feet from a ski lift it must be more than coincidence that she fell near the Ski Patrol’s hut. Dylan Blackburn, a member of the Ski Patrol, was first on the scene and his quick response may have just saved her life. Along with first responding skills, beautiful green eyes, and a southern drawl Mia immediately fell head over heels for him and Dylan has fallen for the beautiful blonde that fell from the skies into his heart.

Dylan has some ghosts in his closet and he’s not willing to let them out to open up to Mia, and she’s not sure that there blossoming relationship will work if he doesn’t learn to trust her. Ready to explore what their love has to offer, Mia must also let down her best friend’s brother who has seemed to fallen for her as well. When Dylan finally gets the courage to open up, his past comes rushing forward and threatens everyone he holds dear.

The books in the series can be read alone, but I have read Bailey’s and Mia’s stories. They are clean books and great for adults and teens. Mia’s ski accident is actually based off of a true story which brings the story to life. I rated this with four stars just because it seemed a little rushed with Dylan’s and Mia’s relationship and the accidents that seem to happen to the girls in these series are a little frustrating that both girls, Mia and Bailey, keep ending up getting hurt or sick and ending up in the hospital. Bad luck just seems to follow them around.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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A Healing Heart

On the way home from a friend’s house one night, Bailey Walsh’s life was turned upside down.   A drunk driver forced her family off the road on a cold winter night, killing everybody in the car except for Bailey.  Bailey’s life was spared, but she wasn’t left untouched. Not only did she suffer broken bones and bruised ribs and now she suffers daily from a broken heart, she’s lost her smile and her love for life is gone.  Bailey moves in with her Mom’s identical twin sister and lives day to day suffering from survivor’s guilt.  She walks around constantly with rings around her eyes because even after 2 years she suffers nightly from nightmares.   Bailey has two protective best friends and a sweet two-year old that she tends to help her get through life and gives her a reason to go on every day.   However, Bailey may be able to learn to open her heart again when she accidentally runs into Collin McKenna, a senior, and his calm sweet nature wins her over and puts the smile back on her face.  Collin, Bailey’s friends, and Riley work together in their own special ways, and with all their love combined Bailey begins to heal and smile again.

My heart broke for Bailey, she lost everyone she loved in one night and she had to learn how to survive.  When Collin entered the picture I felt myself cheering and smiling for Bailey as she got ready for dates, the first time Collin held her hand, the first time he kissed her and I loved how so protective Collin is.  Not only does Collin take care of her but he also is very protective of his little sister after their mom walked out on them.  Bailey and Collin have both been dealt a tough hand in life, and together they mend each other.  What an amazing story of how love helps you heal, move forward and survive tragedies.  Melissa A. Hanson did a great job in creating characters, catching the raw emotions and sharing it through writing to her readers. I really enjoyed this book and already have A Healing Spirit on my list to read.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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